Themed Link Building Campaigns: The Secrets of Success

Themed link building campaigns are needed more than ever these days, especially after the recent algorithm changes made by Google.

A well-designed search engine optimisation strategy encompasses both ‘on’ and ‘off’-site’ techniques.  In order to maximise a website’s visibility in the search results, one of the most important ‘off-site’ elements of SEO is an expert link building campaign.
Search engines including Google believe that the more industry relevant and high quality websites that link to your website, the more important and the more interesting the content on your website must be. Therefore, having plenty of links from high quality, theme related websites or blogs will undoubtedly improve your position in the search engine results pages [SERPs].
Although high PageRank links from any old site may not harm your websites performance, they most certainly will not improve your position in the SERPs.
It is essential that your inbound links come from ‘high authority’ websites within the same industry or sector. This gives your website AUTHORITY.  This is known as a ‘themed link building’.
If you have a fashion e-commerce site, it will be more effective to have links coming into your site from other sites related to fashion – it’s a simple as that.
Google themselves suggest that it’s not all about the quantity of links to your website but it’s the quality and relevance of those links that count.
A themed link is seen as a vote of confidence in your website and the content that it includes. As the major search engines want to provide their users with the most relevant and useful search results, themed link building is a very effective way of improving your search engine rankings.
The effects of themed link building are improved even further when the sites that you are linked from have a high Page Rank of their own and are seen as authoritative in their own right.

With positions in the search engine rankings changing all the time, particularly with Google’s recent ‘Farmers Update,’ it is important to regularly review your themed link building campaign to ensure that the sites that you are linked from are still found in an authoritative position.

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