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This free Shopify SEO training course and methodology is used by some of the world’s biggest ShopifyPlus brands in their niche as well as hundreds of e-commerce entrepreneurs and dropshippers across the globe.

You obviously realize and understand the importance and the power of SEO and organic growth…because you Google’d this page right?

Organic is the ‘blue-ocean’ channel that most Shopify stores fail to, or ignore tapping into because they either don’t know how to or they simply think it’s too difficult to or too expensive.

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And that’s exactly what I do, it’s what have been doing since 2006, it’s what I’m passionate about and you’re exactly the person I want to be working with…

Let me ask you a quick question…

Have you already signed up for my FREE SHOPIFY TRAINING COURSE to help you scale organically?

How would you like to get higher rankings, traffic, and conversions faster and quicker with my help?

Would that help you and your business right now?

How would you like to work with me where I personally take you through our 12-STEP organic growth Masterclass Shopify SEO Training Course for free?

This is an exclusive offer and I know it won’t be for everyone, but this will help you scale organically and get results faster, and quicker.

This is an exclusive offer and I know it won’t be for everyone, but this will help you scale organically and get results faster, and quicker.

If that sounds like you, and you think working with me for free would be a great benefit to you and your business then great, if not, that’s cool with me too.

Buying the world’s FASTEST Shopify theme on DESKTOP & MOBILE is one thing but scaling organically is another so if I do this with you…

This will speed up the whole process and help you’ll be more successful faster.

Not only will your store be optimized for the search engines, but also for the Google Shopping Comparison Service where our clients are achieving an average of 832% ROAS!
So if you’ve been struggling before, imagine seeing your products dominate the search engines at the top of Google in a matter of weeks…


100% No Risk

As this is a FREE Shopify SEO training course, there is absolutely NO risk at your end at all.

Our World Exclusive Theme gives you the keys to the car, This course is the manual on how to drive It. This Shopify SEO Masterclass is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step, over-the-shoulder ‘done with you’ training course for free to show you how to get higher rankings, more traffic and more conversions.

I’ll take you through it, and personally support you through every step of our multi-award-winning organic growth system which has evolved and been perfected since 2010. 


As well as covering insights into every module of our paid training, this free course has many exclusive videos that are not available anywhere else…


SEO Audit & Store Analysis

Learn how to assess your store’s SEO against Google’s algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors so you can create a personalized, step-by-step Shopify SEO strategy action plan for your own store to help improve your rankings, traffic, and conversions. (17:02 secs)


Traffic Generating Keywords

Learn how to build and configure your store for maximum conversions with precision keyword targeting. I will show you how to optimize every single page of your store so that every page on your store is indexed and ranked higher in the search engines to drive more organic traffic than your store has ever seen. Our agency client’s stores typically convert between 5-10% organically. (36:28 secs)


Traffic Pages Creation

Learn how to create additional landing pages that will drive more targeted traffic to your store using the most achievable keywords and search phrases. I’ll show you how to organize your store’s collections for maximum organic exposure and conversions. (10:28 secs)


Conversion Optimization

I’ll show you how to optimize all of your store’s main pages at the granular level and how to implement a sitewide keyword strategy that does not cause content, meta or keyword duplications or cannibalization – all the things that seriously harm your rankings, traffic, and conversions. (40:26 secs)


Site Structure Maximizer

Learn the best site structure layouts for maximum conversions for mobile, desktop and tablet devices to help visitors find what they are looking for with the minimum amount of effort. (15:32 secs)


Product Feed Optimizer 

Learn how to optimize your whole product feed at the granular level to maximize your product’s exposure in the search engines, our built-in filter technology, and the Google Shopping Comparison Service. Shopify has over 46 fields of data that can be optimized for each product. I’ll show you how to optimize the most important data in bulk and fast so that your whole product feed can be optimized in one go and with one simple import. This secret unlocks the key to a store having 100% ‘on-site’ optimization. (54:36 secs)


Site Speed Optimization

Our themes load in just over 0.6ms – I’ll show you how to keep it that way. If yours doesn’t, there will be reasons why. This training will show how to fix any issues fast and will show your how to significantly improve your page load speed for maximum UX. (27:02 secs)


Traffic & Links Multiplier

Ethically steal links and traffic from your top competitors to acquire high authority links, get higher rankings, more traffic, and more conversions. I’ll show you how to tap into the traffic and links that your competitors are already tapped into and I’ll give you the same link blast database of sites where we go to build authority for free, fast. (20:39 secs)


Content Multiplier

I’ll show the best way of syndicating great content to specific target audiences to help increase your brand’s awareness. Showing your brand to the right people at the right time is critical for conversions. Content is king yes, but how do you get it out there and how do you get it to stand out? I’ll show you how. (30:32 secs)


Content Promotion & Outreach

I’ll show how to speed up the process of other websites and blogs discovering your content so that you increase the possibility of other people wanting to link to it, liking it, or sharing it. The more people that see it, the more likely you are to attract links etc. Google loves these positive metrics on your content but there are things to avoid so you don’t get your rankings and content penalized. (23:03 secs)


Toxic Link Removal

A toxic link is a link to pointing to your store from another site that has been penalized or marked as ‘spammy’ by Google. Every store in the world picks up toxic links from spammy crawlers and bots. Just ONE toxic link pointing to your store can seriously harm your rankings, traffic, and conversions. I’ll show you how to analyze your link profile and disavow links pointing to your store to boost your rankings, traffic, and conversions.


Organic Data Science

Learn how to analyze your store’s organic performance like a pro with the same data and analysis tech stack that I use for my 7 & 8-figure Shopify clients. Performing SEO tasks is one thing, but understanding the data and what impact your efforts are having on your own store is essential for SEO campaign re-engineering. I’ll show you the exact same data and report stack that we send to our 7-figure clients on a monthly basis so that they can monitor and measure the key metrics of their campaigns. (58:39 secs)

488% Organic Growth in 7-Months

“Our website is receiving more traffic than ever before, email and phone inquiries have gone up and our online sales in the past 2 months are almost equal to the entire year before.”

Igor Kivritski –

14 Free Bonuses

Get these 14 FREE Scaling & Training Bonuses When You Add the Masterclass Training To Your Order Today…

Bonus #1 (Value $4997)

1-2-1 CEO Facebook Group Support

Get 1-2-1 coaching and support from my expert team and me to help you achieve results faster and quicker. I will be there every step of the way to guide you through the process, lend a helping hand and answer any questions that you may have if you need help. 

Bonus #2 (Value $997)

Shopify SEO Toolkit & Resources

Get the exact same ecommerce and Shopify SEO toolkit that we use in our agency today. It’s the exact same resource toolkit that we use for our 7 & 8-figure clients to help them achieve 5, 6, and even 7-figure growth. Don’t waste time and money on SEO tools and apps that just don’t work. We’ll show you everything that does.

BONUS #3 (VALUE $197)

Google Ads Pro 

Learn how to create a professional Google Ads account and hook up your Google Analytics and conversion tracking. I’ll show you how to configure your account as we do for our retainer clients. 

BONUS #4 (VALUE $497)

8X ROAS Google Shopping

The Google Shopping Comparison Service is by far the most profitable and cost effective form of advertising on Google for conversions if done correctly. By optimizing your feed the way we show you in our ‘Product Feed Optimization’ training, you will get maximum exposure in the Google Shopping Comparison Service. We average an 832% ROAS for our Google Shopping clients. I’ll show you how to do the same.

BONUS #5 (VALUE $497)

Google Search Ads Scaling

I’ll show you how to scale your Google ad campaigns with laser-focused search campaigns for specific products, collections, promotions, and special offers. Learn how to reduce your budget wastage and how to improve Click Through Rates [CTRs] and conversions and ROAS.

BONUS #6 (VALUE $497)

Google Ads Campaign Optimization

Building Google ads campaigns is one thing, but optimizing to grow and scale is another. I’ll show you the exact same optimization formula for ongoing scaling and revenue growth, low CPC and high ROAS. Learn the pitfalls of following Google Ads recommendations. It’s the exact same methodologies that we use today for our agency clients to help them achieve an average of 832% ROAS.

BONUS #7 (VALUE $497)

Recovering Banned Ads Accounts

Google is constantly moving the goal posts and it’s difficult to keep. As this is something we do in our agency on a regular basis, I’ll show you the top 10 reasons why your Google Merchant Centre has been suspended and more importantly, what to do to get your Merchant Centre unbanned and then your Google Ads account re-instated and generating revenue again. 

EVEN MORE FREE BONUSES…***The Growth Accelerator Toolkit***Use the same agency tools, templates, research, and resources that we have used to scale our e-commerce clients to 7-figures and beyond. This toolkit will save you an enormous amount of time, effort, money, and resource. Here’s what’s included…

BONUS #8 (VALUE $497)

30+ Keyword research templates

We’ve already performed keyword research on every type of industry you can think of. You’ll get access to examples of the perfect keyword research templates to help turbocharge your traffic. These include men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, jewelry, watches, art, home and garden, health & beauty, electronics, pets, sports, and toys.

BONUS #9 (VALUE $497)

30+ Site structure templates

For all of the industries above, we’ll provide you with best practices, high converting site structures to help rank and drive as much traffic to your store as possible. These layout and navigational structures are based on over 11 years of A/B split testing.

BONUS #10 (VALUE $497)

30+ Product filter examples

A good filter structure will help your visitors find the exact products they are looking for within seconds. Visitors expect a good user experience and expect to be able to filter products by; product type, brand, size, color, material, and even price. We’ll provide you with example filter structures for all of the industries mentioned above.

BONUS #11 (VALUE $497)

30+ Traffic & links maximizer plans

Get over 900 link and traffic-generating article titles. We have already researched the most linked to and the most traffic generating pieces of content for almost every industry sector imaginable on the internet.  These are the same content titles that are driving traffic and conversions to your top competitors right now. We’ve carefully crafted new content titles to help you ethically steal their traffic and conversions by writing content for the article titles we give you. Simply choose your industry and write away or pay someone.

BONUS #12 (VALUE $497)

200+ Authority boosting sites 

Build your organic footprint and build your domain authority online fast and get the exact same citation list that we use to build authority for our $1-5K SEO retainer clients. This list has taken us years to compile and will help boost your authority with Google. These are the best free sites to boost your authority domain fast. 

BONUS #13 (VALUE $497)

Content outreach email templates

Use the top email outreach templates that we have used over the years to attract high-quality links to high-quality content. Email templates that convert into links and traffic.

BONUS #14 (VALUE $497)

Google Analytics dashboards 

Get one-click install dashboard templates so you can instantly visualize your store’s performance data for key channels such as organic, paid, social, and all channels. Visualize key metrics like site ROAS, top performing channels, top performing products, top devices, and key demographics about your customers.

  • ULTIMATE Organic Growth MASTERCLASS ($1997 Value)
  • 1-2-1 CEO Facebook Group Support ($4997 Value)
  • Shopify SEO Toolkit & Resources ($997 Value)
  • ​Google Ads Pro ($197 Value)
  • 8X ROAS Google Shopping($497 Value)
  • ​Google Search Ads Scaling($497 Value)
  • Google Ads Campaign Optimization($497 Value)
  • Recovering Banned Ads Accounts ($497 Value)
  • Growth Accelerator Toolkit ($497 Value)

Have you already signed up for my FREE SHOPIFY TRAINING COURSE to help you scale organically?

I help established e-commerce brands scale organically by 6 or 7 figures within 12 months using our world-exclusive Shopify technologies and brilliant content marketing strategies.