SEO Benefits of Using Yahoo! Answers?

Could using question and answer sites like Yahoo! Answers help with your online marketing campaign?

Yahoo! Answers and other similar websites are actually a greatly underused way to get inbound links to your website. By using them regularly in a fair and effective way, you can create a very useful and relevant community around yourself, over a period of time.
These websites are something of a cross between a forum and a mini search engine. As well as posting questions and answering current ones, you can also search through archives of closed questions by subject.
It is undeniable that there is a fair percentage of very quirky people who use these sites and equally random questions that they ask. However, once you get beyond the strangeness and find your niche, you are likely to encounter both interesting content and people.
Yahoo! Answers is definitely the most popular of these websites at present. This is possibly because of its gamification tactics in terms of giving points for answers. I am sure that you will have little use for gaining points, but the tactic does seem to encourage millions of users 24 hours a day!
Responding to posted questions which have relevance to your line of business gives you the perfect opportunity to use a link to your website to corroborate your answer, but you should not do this in every reply.
Bear in mind all responses should be well written and polite, giving a useful and thoughtful answer. Your main aim is to become an authority within the ‘community,’ so that people will actively seek your opinion. You do not want to come over as someone who is only desperate to get traffic to their website. As with all forms of online marketing, this is an ongoing process and you should not expect radical results overnight.
But if you feel it could work for your business and can allocate an amount of time to it each day, then perhaps you should answer the question by joining up and finding out.

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