Recommended Tools

Whilst I review many things, this is my premium list of recommended digital products, platforms, plugins, programs, and software that I believe are the best in their field. These are the exact tools that I have used to build a multi-million dollar, multi-award-winning agency including the coveted Two Comma Club Award. You will not find anything on this list that I do not currently use myself. I’m just starting so please feel free to bookmark this page.

Semrush All-In-One-Marketing Tool (Guru)

This is the ULTIMATE all-in-one software marketing tool that I use myself, and for managing the marketing campaigns of ALL of my retainer clients. I have used this software for over a decade and I couldn’t have achieved the success I have without it. It’s perfect for managing your extremely detailed SEO campaigns, content marketing strategies, paid search strategies, social media marketing, spying on your competitors across all channels, and advanced reporting. The features and insights this tool provides are phenomenal. Read my full review here >>>


Probably one of the best AI Shopify apps I’ve ever come across for improving store speed. Google suggests that 20% of conversions are lost for every 1 second of page load speed. This app will turbocharge your store speed to over 90+ on mobile and desktop in just 24 hours! 7-day free trial, free report, no coding required, and a 14-day money-back guarantee. This is an absolute no-brainer for any Shopify store.