Publishing Content On-site vs Placing It Externally

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Publishing content on-site vs placing it externally

This topic typically unearths a wealth of vastly different opinions. So, let’s jump right in and look at some of the most prominent pros and cons of both on-site and externally placed content.

The PROs of placing your content externally

Placing content on external websites can be exceptionally valuable. This is especially true if much of your current traffic is coming through referrals, because this demonstrates that your externally placed content is engaging enough to encourage a significant number of click-throughs.

Publishing Content On-site vs Placing It Externally

By putting your content in front of the eyes of a slightly different audience, you are immediately enhancing your chances of expanding your reach and securing new customers. Additionally, you might also be included in newsletters published by other sites, which will further increase your reach.

Externally placed content will also help you to build your own authoritative voice within your niche, establishing yourself as an expert in your field in an array of online communities related to your industry.

Also, if anything were to happen to your own website, your chances of surviving in an exceptionally competitive online landscape are dramatically increased by establishing your business in the minds of audiences across the Internet.

The CONs of placing your content externally

Ultimately, your content will primarily be driving traffic to a website that you do not own. This means that the site could remove your content or even close down entirely at any time and without warning.

There is also the matter of reputation to consider. Although your external partner might have an excellent reputation now, it is important to consider how your reputation might be affected if the external editorial team were to change their focus.

The PROs of publishing content on your own website

Importantly, you get to reap the rewards of your hard work by ensuring that your content boosts traffic to your own site. This will also enhance the overall authority of your site and begin to establish you as a go-to within your niche for up-to-date and accurate information. An effective content marketing strategy can boost all aspects of your website.

Maintaining full control over your content is extremely valuable. For example, unless you receive minimal traffic, you should aim to publish evergreen content, that you intend to update, on your own website, because you will retain full control over the content and frequency of the updates you make. Additionally, any link building strategies you choose to employ will also benefit you directly, not somebody else.

The CONs of publishing content on your own website

If your website isn’t ranking well or doesn’t see consistent traffic, your content will always struggle to provide you with a decent return on investment (ROI). Similarly, if the demographics of visitors to your website aren’t as diverse as you would hope, even a short-term external content strategy can help you to rectify this problem and ensure that the valuable information you want to share always reaches your desired target audience.

Additionally, if your website is penalised for any reason, any chances of increasing or even maintaining your traffic will be severely limited until the issue has been rectified. Penalties can do lasting damage to websites across a variety of different sectors, so you must do everything to ensure that you are in the best possible position to recover should the worst happen.

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