Marketing Trends That Will Redefine Retail In 2019

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The retail industry has evolved so much in recent years, it is going to develop even more in 2019.

This is predominantly thanks to the advancements in the digital channels. Social channels, SEO and PPC has allowed for big companies to capitalise upon the amount of people who are willing to buy online. The face of the market is ever-growing and 2019 will be no different. Retailers are going to have to keep up with the constantly shifting demographics, attitudes and consumer preferences.
In 2019, thanks to emerging technologies. The way in which customers interact with brands, a potential shift in preferences and the emergence of ecommerce.

Brand Culture

More and more people are shopping to make a statement, using their emotions to purchase items that make them ‘fit in’ or ‘stand out’. Changing preferences and attitudes regarding social consciousness have really impacted how brands are presented. There are stigmas and history attached to certain brands like Fred Perry, Doc Marten and more that may label someone’s beliefs or internal culture. Businesses are trying to engage consumers outside of traditional shopping parameters. Companies will have to consider the image their brand conveys to the world.


Multi-channel Retail

One alarming trend in the retail industry is the closure rate of brick-and-mortar stores on the high street. Although they play a role, the stores are closing due to rising costs and the rise of online sales. BigCommerce has released a 2018 Omni-Channel Report that found only 11.8% of ‘Gen-Z’ shops on Facebook however, just under 25% of ‘Baby Boomers’ shop on that social platform alone. Although, Millennials prefer to buy products the discover on Instagram and Snapchat.

marketing trends that will redefine retail

The Rise of Robots

The most implemented form of AI are online chatbots. Bots also save money compared to a human workforce. Chatbots are quicker than humans. They still have a personality however, the way in which the bots are programmed allow for emojis to be used as well as ‘humorous’ content. The chatbots trend is not going to leave the search marketing industry without making its mark in the coming years as AI research improves.
Multi-channel marketing is critical for drumming up sales and keeping them engaged from first impressions, through the sales funnel which will end with a sale. A deep integration with all channels including, social channels, websites, online marketplaces and high street stores.