Let’s Hear It For The Girls #GraziaGoogle

Our head of paid marketing Siobhan Henry was lucky enough to be invited to the Empowering Women In Technology event co-hosted by women’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine, Grazia and internet giant that is Google! The event was held at Google’s Digital Garage in Leeds, the regional home of Google’s multi-million pound programme Digital Garage. The programme helps provide digital skills training to 200,000 SMEs both online and in person as well as acting as a hub for Northern Businesses.
The evening started off with drinks, nibbles and not forgetting the Google branded cupcakes all of which helped to fuel 30 minutes of networking or “chatworking” as Grazia like to affectionately call it. In this time Siobhan managed to connect with fellow Google Partners and discuss the latest and greatest developments within the digital marketing arena.
With the Google cupcakes well and truly scoffed it was on to the main event and time to hear what the experts had to say. Caroline Barrett, Deputy Editor, Grazia and Nishma Robb, Head of Large Advertiser and Agency Marketing, Google got the ball rolling with a fantastic welcome speech  and introduced the four speakers.
The four main speakers consisted of industry leaders, CEOs, startup gurus and app creators. The marvellous ladies behind these titles are Anne-Marie Imafidon, Head of Stemettes, Jenny Scott, CEO of Mothers Meeting, Linzi Boyd, author of Brand Famous: How To Get Everyone Talking About Your Business, Jude Ower, CEO and Founder of PlayMob all of the speakers provided unprecedented information and knowledge which undoubtedly left the attendees feeling inspired coupled with a drive to innovate and improve.
The event was proven to be a huge success with the attendees taking to social media praising the speakers and thanking both Google and Grazia for hosting such a fantastic event. We hope Google and Grazia will work together again in the future and when they do, we will definitely be signing up!
We would like to take this opportunity thank Grazia and Google for hosting such an invaluable event, we have all benefitted from Siobhan’s new found knowledge and we cannot wait to put it into practise!
‘It’s all about doing something that genuinely comes from your heart’ 
– Jenny Scott, CEO of Mothers Meeting

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New Arrival – Our Team Keeps Growing!

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