Kickstart Your 2018 Marketing Efforts With These 6 Link-Related Resolutions

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to re-evaluate and refine your digital approaches to ensure that your marketing efforts are working for your business and helping you to move further towards achieving your key objectives. Here are 6 link building elements to consider, to ensure your 2018 gets off to the best possible start.

Address your 404 errors

Experienced occasionally by the vast majority of websites, 404 errors are a relatively common occurrence across the internet. If your website is experiencing an excessive amount of 404s however, it is likely that they are negatively impacting the user experience you are providing for your audience.
Google’s bots monitor 404 errors as they crawl the web, which should absolutely be taken as a giant clue that they are an important factor when it comes to determining ranking positions in search results. You will find a list of your 404 errors within your Google search console and addressing them as soon as possible for you to do so is always a good idea.

Kickstart your marketing efforts

Listen to your webmasters

Continuing to contact your webmaster with detailed requests is more than acceptable. However, if they come back with some alternative suggestions, make sure that you take some time to consider their opinion. Webmasters often use their specialised knowledge to identify better angles or approaches and overlooking their suggestions might mean that your website loses out in the long run.

Utilise your search console and analytics data

This is free information coming directly from Google and there are simply no excuses not to be making the most out of this important data. Easily accessible and supremely detailed, analysing the information provided from both sources will very often help you to figure out the origins of any issues you are experiencing and provide some all important clues for how to address them quickly and efficiently.

Kickstart your marketing efforts

Go your own way

What is working well for your closest competitors simply might not work for you, and so focusing on developing your own strategies and securing meaningful growth in your own ways is always going to be a far more beneficial approach than funnelling energy and resources into something that might not be suitable for your business.

Tailor your outreach templates

Templates are an excellent starting point, but the importance of tailoring them cannot be overstated. The digital sphere moves at a million miles per hour and, put simply, people are too busy to reply to generic requests that don’t look or feel as though any research or effort has been put into them. It is also imperative to make sure they are always free from spelling and grammar errors, because first impressions really do count.

Understand the bigger picture

Link building is an important component of every digital approach, but there are also a variety of other aspects which should be afforded the same amount of energy and attention to ensure your business is in the position to fully benefit from your link building strategy. On-site SEO is just one other important component to consider, but making sure that every ranking factor is refined and performing well is imperative to success.

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