Integrity Search Reports 290% E-Commerce Annual Revenue Growth For 2015

A little later than anticipated but our annual e-commerce performance results are finally published. 2015 was a record-breaking year for us here at Integrity Search with all of our clients seeing  substantial growth from all of our hard work and efforts. Our record-breaking results for 2015 were even picked up by Google themselves on not one, but two separate occasions!
Firstly – back in June 2015 we were handpicked as one of fifteen independent ‘elite’ performing agencies out of 20,000+ Google Partners to attend an expert Business Coaching Programme at their HQ in London and secondly – one of our recent case studies was chosen (one of 12 out of 20,000+ Google Partners) as one of their best ‘international growth’ campaigns of 2015 after achieving phenomenal international business growth in over 16 countries.

We’re very open and transparent about the results that we deliver for our clients so we’ve put together an annual performance report which demonstrates our ability and expertise in achieving fantastic growth for our clients.

Average Annual Revenue Increase of 290%

With a unique ‘multi-channel’ approach to ‘data-driven’ digital marketing; we specialise in helping e-commerce brands achieve increased revenue and higher ROI’s. We increased the revenue of our ecommerce clients by an average of 290% in 2015.  We were delighted with the overall results we achieved (as we our clients) but we’re not one for remaining complacent; our aim is to improve on this in 2016.  
Our razor sharp focus is on exploring, exhausting and maximising all profitable channels for conversions for our clients including SEO, Paid Search, Social Media & Email Marketing channels.  We’ve pulled together some channel KPI’s to show our performance across each channel and how our integrated approach has helped deliver an average of 290% revenue growth for our clients.

Organic Search Traffic Growth increased by an Average of 164.98% 

Search engine optimisation is all about maximising the performance and visibility of a website by ensuring every necessary page is crawled, indexed and rank as high as possible, with the sole aim and purpose of converting as much of that traffic as possible. All of our clients have seen an average growth in organic search traffic of 164.98% in the past year.

Organic Search Revenue Increased by 59%

Our data-driven technical SEO & content marketing campaigns delivered fantastic results for our clients with the 164.98% increase in organic traffic yielding an overall organic revenue increase of 59%.

Organic Search Represented 49.47% of Total E-commerce Revenue

We are constantly bombarded with how ‘SEO is dead’ and how we need to focus on emerging channels such as affiliates, social media and email marketing but for us and our clients; organic search traffic still represents by far the primary channel for the most profitable conversions. We certainly agree that you do need to focus on the emerging channels but certainly not at the cost of neglecting your SEO strategy. Organic search will always be alive for as long as people use Google search. Yes, SEO is far more difficult than it used to be which is probably why so many agencies have changed their focus but for us; it’s still the primary channel for us and our clients.

In 2015 we achieved an average 518% monthly ROI for our e-commerce paid search clients.  Our multi-disciplined approach (search, display, retargeting, shopping,  video & mobile) for e-commerce focuses on maximum ROI and business growth.  
Our phenomenal paid search methodology has won us various awards, nominations and has also been recognised by Google as our campaigns not only perform in the UK they have achieved fantastic results internationally. Our international success and expertise in managing high-performing campaigns has been recognised in a case study recently documented and published by Google.
Paid search offers an additional high performing channel for conversions/leads which can help increase your company’s online visibility, this reaches more of your target market and allows your company to acquire new customers.  The aim of paid search is not just to drive traffic to your site it is about getting the best Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and ROI.

Social Media Traffic Increases by 164%

2015 was a great year for social media traffic growth and our bespoke social media campaigns  delivered  an average of 125.81% increase in traffic from social media channels. Social media is an integral part of a successful search marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses. We previously published an interesting infographic on the importance of social media in e-commerce and after experiencing the success our clients have had over 2015 with social media we weren’t wrong, social media is a great channel for driving additiaional traffic and increasing brand awareness. We practice what we preach and following our strategy and 27 Social Media Tips For E-commerce Businesses you too can expect similar results. Remember: Consistency is key!
For full infographic click here
Social media is showing no signs of slowing down but it is changing and so is the content published. Content is heading towards a visual revolution, we want information but we don’t want to read about it. We want to see it through infographics, video, memes and it needs to be interesting and engaging but we don’t want to search for it – we want to anticipate  it, look forward to our favourite brands posting on social media. Writing a one line promotional social media text update just won’t cut it in a sea of eye catching visuals and anticipated content.

Plans for 2016

Search marketing is constantly evolving and so are our strategies, if you want to stand any chance in competing in this highly competitive arena, you need to be at the forefront of search marketing and adapting your strategy to suit this ever-changing marketplace.
According to eMarketer and Retail Gazette, Britons are set to spend a staggering £60-67 billion online in 2016, as mobile and tablet use will contribute to an £8.9bn increase in online sales. Shoppers are predicted to spend an average of £1,372, with ‘multichannel’ shoppers, who shop using a PC and a mobile or tablet device, predicted to spend almost twice as much as those who only use a PC to shop, according to research from RetailMeNot. Unsurprisingly online sales are expected to account for 15% of the total UK economy by 2017. With this is mind the scope for search marketing is only getting bigger and more powerful, ready for you to take advantage of this new and exciting revolution – but you need to be ready for it. Mobile specific ads, fully responsive websites and a top end search and social strategy will help you achieve the increasing ROI and revenue our clients see year after year.
The above graph from eMarketer shows that the UK’s ecommerce sales are predicted to keep rising to a phenomenal £86 billion by 2019
How does your sites performance compare to these KPI’s? Are these the kind of figures you would like to be reporting come the end of 2016? On the back of the figures we achieved last year; we’ve already won 6 extremely high profile brands with £multi-million turnovers which we will be reporting on very soon
If you’d like us to help your business grow as much as this in 2016; we’d be delighted to hear from you – please call us on 01642 927 769 or 0207 871 9907 or email us direct.

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