How To Write A Good Blog Post & The 'Mini Skirt' Rule

What makes a great blog post? There are many answers to that question and one is to use the mini skirt rule: “Make sure you have enough to cover the topic, but keep it short enough to stay interesting!”

Writing consistently good blog posts is not only difficult, sometimes the whole point of writing the post can be overlooked. 
The main purpose of a blog is to draw attention to your business and attract traffic to your website, but this definitely does not mean filling it with references to your products or services. Instead, find parallel topics which not only complement your business but are informative and helpful to the reader.
Don’t fall into the trap of writing posts just to attract comments. It is of course very flattering to get lots of comments but they do not convert to leads very often. Think of them as part of a learning curve to gauge what readers think of you. Always make your posts definitive, clear and direct. Use strong words and do not ever submit to ambiguity, write like an expert.
Always ensure that your blog posts contain correct spelling and grammar, even if they are written in an informal way. Anything less than perfection in your work could not only lose you readers it will lose you business.
Writing posts which solve a problem are an excellent way of gaining readers. A high percentage of web searchers are there seeking a solution to something. Make your solution appears to be the best one available, explain it clearly and offer clear steps to action it.
Lastly, a good blog post does not have to be lengthy. How long or short it is really does not matter in the slightest, it is all about the honesty and relevance of the content.