How To Build Inbound Links with Smart Content

There are a multitude of reasons why a campaign might not deliver its desired outcomes. Sometimes, it is simple to understand how or why something didn’t quite go to plan and sometimes it remains something of a mystery. What is always possible to determine, however, is how well a content idea has been implemented.

Your idea

The process of creating link-worthy content is often far from simple, as there is always a significant difference between a great idea and a great idea that also has the ability to secure precious inbound links.
Once you have an idea that is both hyper-relevant to your business and has a good chance of securing links, you must first identify the central point you want to make. From here, it is critical to ensure that this message does not get lost during the implementation process. From giving your idea a prominent position within your brief to making sure your campaign’s execution won’t upstage your messaging, communicating your point clearly and concisely is crucial.


As the realisation of your idea is often the most stimulating part, it can be easy to get a bit carried away. It is therefore vital to first evaluate the resources you have available and how best to utilise your budget to generate the most valuable results for your business.
This will naturally depend on the scope of your idea, but you will generally need to allocate your resources carefully between your copywriting, design and development teams. Ambition is always admirable, but it is also important to be realistic. Do not set yourself up for failure and instead, put yourself in the best position to ensure every stage of your campaign progresses smoothly.


There are a variety of ways to successfully execute link-building content ideas and although it would be impossible to touch on them all here, let’s take a closer look at infographics.
Over-use and decreasing quality has resulted in infographics garnering a lot of criticism in recent years. Poor quality infographics are simply not worth the time or resources, but good infographics still have the power to secure influential links. They are relatively simple to put together as one designer and a content management system (CMS) is often all that is required. However, it is critical that the clear visualisation of data is always the primary objective to ensure that the final result provides enough value.
Although the abundance of online content makes it tricky to create something entirely unique, ensure your focus on is creating content with quality and value at the forefront.


You might have an excellent idea that has been executed well, but if people aren’t linking to your content, you need to understand why. Remember that even the very best campaign ideas sometimes fail to perform initially, so it is always worth asking a few key questions. Have you, for example, considered providing an embed code that will allow websites wanting to host your content directly to do so? Or have you provided enough linking options to account for the varying requirements of different content management systems?
If you are keen to spend less time considering whether your link-building campaign will gain traction, keep these key implementation tactics in mind for your next campaign. The tips above are ones adopted by all leading search marketing agencies.

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