How to Avoid Wasting Your SEO Budget and Undermining Your Digital Strategy

How to avoid wasting your SEO budget and undermining your digital strategy

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can be an effective tool to drive traffic, revenue and profits for businesses across a wide variety of industries. However, SEO can sometimes feel like a frustrating obligation that is consuming your digital budget at an alarming rate.

Although there are naturally some cons to investing in SEO, there are many potential benefits. The following tips will help to keep your strategy on track and ensure that your budget is consistently being funnelled into the most effective marketing channels to meet your core business objectives.

Manage your expectations and don’t ignore the limitations of SEO

Good SEO takes time. There are no quick fixes and patience is imperative. Understanding that your campaign will need to run for some time before you begin to see the results of your hard work will help you to mitigate feelings of frustration when outcomes aren’t immediately apparent. Sustainable SEO should ideally always be integrated into your other marketing channels to drive results and generate important analytics data to inform your overall digital strategy.
Although SEO is an undeniably powerful tool, even the most successful SEO strategies cannot work miracles. If, for example, your business model is fundamentally flawed, all the canonical redirects and site performance refinements in the world won’t transform it into a sustainable business with long-term viability.

Avoid artificial key performance indicators (KPIs)

It is imperative that your KPIs will actually help you to maximise the potential of your website. Rather than chasing white rabbit KPIs like PageRank sculpting and keyword density you should instead focus on:

– Organic traffic
– Keyword rankings
– Leads and/or sales
– Backlinks
– Organic clickthrough rate (CTR)

Allocate your budget wisely

Managing SEO budgets can be tricky. As important as it is not to overspend, you should also avoid having too much of your budget left as the end of the fiscal year approaches. Although this might not initially seem like an issue, it can result in disorganised spending that might negatively affect your entire strategy.

Trends constantly emerge from our ever-evolving digital environment, but following them blindly without first understanding how they might help you achieve your core SEO objectives will likely always fail to deliver the ROI that you want to see. Ideally, your approach to SEO should always be proactive, not reactive. Your strategies and campaigns should be built upon solid foundations, which means that you should set out your core objectives, focus on conversion growth and user experience, and follow a carefully constructed timeline.
Although it can be very easy to get swept up in the allure of emerging trends, remember that large quantities of misinformation are published about every trend being tipped as being “the next big thing.” Don’t waste your SEO budget on trending tactics that might not be the way that your business will accomplish successful results.

How to avoid wasting your SEO budget

The importance of long-term SEO investment

You might not strike SEO gold with your very first campaign, but it is equally as important to remember that perseverance will always pay off. Prepare for both ups and downs, and use disappointments or strategic errors as motivation to refine your approach, and to strive for success. Investing in a search marketing agency for the long term can have hugely positive affects as it allows them the time to fully implement their entire strategy and also chopping and changing strategies at the drop of a hat can cause more harm than good to your site.

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