Have A Happy SEO Christmas!

Christmas is almost here and it is a good time to run through a few final SEO tips that (literally) spell it out, before we all eat too much turkey, drink too much champagne and forget to make our New Years SEO resolutions.

C is for Content       
Yes, at the end of 2011 content is still king. The Google ‘Fresh’ update has now made it even more important to supply a constant source of new and relevant content for the bots to find and like. Even if it means doing more curating than creating, keep that content flowing to keep you in the rankings.
H is for Headings
Headings are another important part of your on site optimisation. The <h1> to <h6> tags are used to define HTML headings. <h1> defines the most important heading. <h6> defines the least important heading. Use them wisely to highlight to the bots that you consider important on every single page of your website.
R is for Relevancy
The importance of relevancy covers two different areas. The first concerns your website users who expect to see relevant information when they arrive on your landing page. The second is having relevant inbound links for the benefit of search engines, relevant being from complementary sites, preferably that have a higher rank than yours.
I is for Inbound Links
These are the things that we all spend most of our SEO and Marketing time trying to get! They are essential for every website to achieve a good ranking and to enjoy plenty of traffic.
S is for Search Terms
Otherwise known as Keywords, they are actually better described by the former, because they should replicate the words or phrases users are likely to think of when they enter search parameters for your kind of business.
T is for Traffic
The overall aim of all of our SEO and various marketing strategies is to get lots of traffic and observe a steady increase as the word spreads further. If you are not getting enough, make it a resolution to try at least one new method of marketing in 2012.
M is for Meta Tags
Meta Tags, Names and Descriptions are another little HTML tweak that needs to be done to increase your chances of being found in the vast digital space that is the Internet. Doing this for every page of your website will definitely earn you brownie points with the search engines
A is for Algorithm
A dreaded word, especially when paired with ‘update.’ What a lot of hassle Google have created this year with their algorithmic updates, first Farmer/Panda and most lately, Fresh. Never mind, it has bucked up everyone’s ideas a little, especially the Black Hats.
S is for SERPs
You are close to the top of these we hope, especially if you have been following all of our little tips throughout 2011.
Here at SEO Integrity Experts, we hope that you all have a very Happy Christmas and that the New Year brings you an even better rankings!