What Is The Fastest Shopify Theme For Mobile & Desktop?


In order to determine the fastest Shopify theme for mobile and desktop, it’s quite simple, all you have to do is test the speed of some of the best-selling 1.0 and OS 2.0 themes that claim to be the fastest using market-leading, industry-standard page load speed test tools such as:

==> PageSpeed Insights

==> GTmetrix

Google suggests that…

And, the probability of bounce increases 32% as page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds so it really is an essential part of your Shopify SEO toolkit.

There a 3 main factors that will influence your page speed on Shopify:

1 – Themes: the actual theme you are using and how well the code and CSS have been optimized

2 – Images: how well the images on your store have been optimized

3 – Apps used: the apps you install on your store

My agency has developed one of the world’s fastest Shopify OS 2.0 themes called [RankHigherTheme®] and this article aims to prove it with live page speed tests v some of the world’s best-selling Shopify themes claiming to be the fastest.

My agency’s fastest Shopify OS 2.0 theme has:

  • Algorithm-aligned, optimized code for all devices
  • Mobile-first design
  • A page load speed of 491ms (PageSpeed Insights = 99 Desktop & 85+ Mobile)
  • 90+ SEO & Conversion Boosting Features
  • Built-in, non-conflicting, fully optimizable product filter
  • Will save you over $3000 per year on apps

And, is the only theme in the world that can be upgraded to a Shopify SEO Product Filter App that can increase a store’s organic visibility in the search engines by 1900% in weeks.

Your page load speed can only be as good as your theme code. Providing you know how to optimize your images correctly and you don’t go too heavy on apps, your theme is THE biggest factor in helping you achieve the fastest possible page load speed on desktop and mobile.

PageSpeed Insights Results

Google’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is the go-to tool for determining an accurate page load speed score for both desktop and Google. RankHigherTheme® outperforms every single theme we have tested it against on both desktop and mobile.

It scores 99/100 on desktop, and it scores 85+ on mobile…

GTmetrix Speed Results

In the web development world, GTmetrix is widely regarded as a more accurate page speed indicator as it simulates real devices from specific locations. For those wanting to dig a little deeper into the differences between this tool and PSI [and why results are different], there is some great reading here.

RankHigherTheme® scores Performance Grade A – 100% on desktop…

And it scores a PageSpeed & YSlow Score A – 91% and 93% respectively…

Please note that these scores include numerous apps and JavaScript for things like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools etc.

What is the Fastest Shopify OS 2.0 Theme?

OK, in order to show you that RankHigherTheme® is faster than the leading themes out there, we’re going to show you some real time results so you can see for yourself. We’ll keep adding to this post as we come across more themes with static URLs claiming to be the fatest Shopify theme.

RankHigherTheme® v Booster Theme

Booster theme claims to be the fastest theme on the market on desktop and mobile and that just isn’t the case anymore. They even say if you can find a faster theme, you can get a refund, well that’s up to you…

PageSpeed Insights Mobile = 73

PageSpeed Insights Desktop = 95

GTmetrix Desktop – Performance A – 98%

GTmetrix Mobile – PageSpeed & YSlow Score A – 95% and 91% respectively…

RankHigherTheme® v Turbo Theme

Turbo theme is one of the world’s best-selling Shopify themes yet I was surprised to see how slow this theme actually is…

PageSpeed Insights Mobile = 61

PageSpeed Insights Desktop = 92

GTmetrix Desktop – Performance A – 92%

GTmetrix Mobile – PageSpeed B & YSlow Score C – 86% and 77% respectively…

In Brief…

We have lot’s more results to add to this post which we will keep doing so but if you’re looking for the world’s fastest Shopify OS 2.0 theme for 2023 on mobile and desktop then you have found it with RankHigherTheme®.

RankHigherTheme® is not on sale to the general public and is only available through the ULTIMATE Retail Growth 2.0 service.