Every SEO Strategy Should Have These 5 Things

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  1. Precision

Every SEO strategy should have these 5 things

Successful search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies rely on a careful marriage of several key components.

An initial mind map of ideas

Effective SEO strategies don’t emerge from thin air, but they do often stem from an initial mind maps of ideas. Understanding how each component fits together to create a complete concept is crucial and mind maps are a simple yet effective tool to disrupt constrictive linear thinking and structure your ideas into a strong network from which a clear plan will begin to blossom.

A clear visualisation of your goals, tasks, and subtasks

As soon as the parameters of your strategy begin to solidify, you will need to begin putting together a professional document detailing the finer details that will power your approach.

Remember, by definition, a strategy is a plan of action. You should therefore have a set of clearly defined goals broken down into a series of specific tasks that need to be completed. Some of those tasks will need to be prioritised, some will need to be refined, and new subtasks that need to be addressed will surface.

You must find a way to communicate everything to your clients and your team that is easy to understand.

Clearly communicate who should complete each task
Ensure everyone understands which tasks need to be completed first
Emphasise the status of each task: which are recurring, in the planning stages, underway, and completed

A comprehensive understanding of your brand

Every SEO strategy should have these 5 things

If you fail to properly understand the fundamentals of the company your strategy is for, you are always going to struggle to succeed. You need to know which tactics are likely to deliver the best results, which existing brand strengths you can leverage to obtain the most value, and the obstacles you might encounter.

Unique selling point

If you want to reach the correct audience, track the most important keywords, and conduct outreach in a sensible and measured way, you need to know exactly what differentiates your brand from its competitors.

Brand vision and values

Understanding the industry and marketplace is only the first step. If you want to make SEO waves, empathising with the vision and core values of your brand will help you to generate the strong ideas that will guide your approach and create a campaign motivated by the same principles as the brand it represents.

Weak points

Focussing in on brand weaknesses isn’t necessarily a comfortable or enjoyable task, but it is imperative to acknowledge and understand things that could potentially undermine all your hard work.

A recognisable audience

Every SEO strategy should have these things

Delving beyond the keywords they are searching for, and piecing together a fundamental understanding of your audience is essential.

Do they respond well to marketing?
How much do they know about the industry, product or service already?
Are they close to the industry?

There’s no value in telling your audience things they already know or trying to communicate information they simply aren’t interested in.


For a goal or a strategy to generate genuine value, it must be precise. When selecting your KPIs and metrics, you need to be clear on why they are important and how they will help you to achieve your goal.If you want help in creating an effective SEO strategy for your business we can help, with our range of SEO services we can create a tailored package for what your site needs to achieve its targets online.

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