Enrich Reader Engagement with These SEO Copy Tips and Techniques

Good SEO writing is much more than nailing the SEO element. Identifying the ideal location within your copy to drop in your number one target keyword is a feeling no SEO writer will ever tire of, but when it comes to the quality of your writing, setting yourself high standards is key.
The best SEO writers never neglect their readers. At a time when audiences are essentially swimming in available content, writing compelling and engaging copy is critical. Remember, engagement and conversion are two peas in a pod, so if you want to see tangible results, every piece of copy you write needs to appeal to the audience you want to impress.

Structure, structure, structure!

Writing great copy is a bit like building a house. Your main point will act as the sturdy foundation, upon which you can safely build the framework, supports, walls and roof. Your ideas should flow coherently, with every point you make adding more context and detail to your primary message.
Linking your sentences and paragraphs through transition words and phrases will help you to construct copy that presents your points logically, incorporates enough supporting detail and evidence, and provides your readers with key takeaways that reinforce the purpose of your message.

Examples of effective transition words and phrases include:

– Moreover
– Comparatively
– Additionally
– As well as
– Correspondingly

Leading with your least complex point will give your reader enough space and time to build their knowledge on the subject as they read. Then, when they arrive at your most complex points, they will already be equipped with enough background information to be able to process the message you want to convey.

Craft compelling CTAs

One of the primary components of effective conversion copy is the inclusion of a compelling call-to-action (CTA). Your CTA will provide your readers with the encouragement, motivation, inspiration and/or direction to take the action you want. In turn, this will also transform everyday copy into a true workhorse for a brand or business.

You don’t want your reader to click away when they have finished reading, do you? So, every piece of copy you write should conclude with a clear indication of what you want readers to do next.

A compelling CTA:

– Is straightforward and persuasive
– Talks directly to the reader
– Includes language, particularly action verbs, to inspire and motivate.

Use impactful language throughout

You know that the first few sentences are crucial to capture the attention of your audience, but are you giving the same level of consideration to the sentences in every subsequent paragraph and the conclusion? Copy that fades to nothing will never make the kind of impact you need to make and your readers won’t feel compelled to act, regardless of whether you have included a CTA.

Your conclusion should:

– Drive home your main point
– Leave readers with a memorable concept or image
– Aim to inspire, encourage and motivate.

It’s not uncommon for SEO writers to unintentionally neglect readers by focusing on optimising their writing for search engines. It’s important to remember though that without compelling, well-written copy, it doesn’t really matter how effective your SEO is. So, refocus, humanise your SEO writing and revel in the results.