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Our ecommerce SEO training course has been helping retailers add an additional 5, 6 and & 7 figures to their e-commerce businesses since 2010. We’re experts in re-engineering the world’s most commonly used platforms to supercharge rankings, traffic & conversions. Let us train and show you how you can do the same to your own store.


Working with clients worldwide, we have a vast amount of experience of re-engineering the world’s most commonly used ecommerce solutions platforms and specialize in all types of e-commerce platforms. Our e-commerce SEO Training Course will help you instantly:

  • Maximize Brand Visibility
  • Increase Rankings
  • Increase Traffic
  • Increase Organic Sales & Revenue

Please click here for our specific Shopify SEO training course.

Our Approach To Ecommerce SEO Training

We try our best to simplify the complex Ecommerce SEO process on our training course and we try to talk in a language that you’ll understand. Our methodology ensure’s we maximise your store’s visibility, rankings, traffic and organic sales revenue. It isn’t just about aligning your website with Google’s algorithms, 200+ ranking factors and quality guidelines anymore, there’s now an infinite number of factors that can differ for every user, moment, location, query, device and vertical. Using our expertly developed ecommerce seo training course, your theme will have a competitive edge in the search engines and you will save thousands a year on SEO apps.

#1 Technical SEO

The things that we can do to your website and the technology it’s built in to achieve the above. Google [like other search engines] has a common set of quality guidelines, algorithms and known ranking factors that influence how well your online store is crawled, indexed and ranked by the search engines. Technically aligning your ecommerce platform with these is essential. These are the foundations for any successful SEO campaign. If you’re using our theme, then most if not all of these issues will be fixed.

#2 Design & UX

Your store’s design and its architecture has an enormous influence on how well your store’s URL’s can rank in the search engines.  Google’s sophisticated algorithms can detect a poorly designed and built ecommerce store. Large stores have the complexity of dealing with faceted navigation, category hierarchical structures, filters and what not to index. Google’s ‘mobile-first indexing’ algorithm update [March 2018], now penalises stores for not providing a quality UX on mobile devices. The list goes on. We’ll keep your store up to date with Google’s ‘best practices’ and ‘quality guidelines’ so you don’t have to.

#3 Content

Generating expert, quality content that answers a users ‘intent’ is essential for maximising your store’s brand and product page visibility. Structured data and markup language is essential for ecommerce. Your ‘on-page’ and ‘on-site’ content strategy needs to be meticulously designed and executed to have maximum impact in the search engines whilst enhancing your multi-channel strategy, not hindering it, like so many retailers do. Our content marketing plans will help you do just that.

Links are still one of the most important SEO factors that influence where your sites’ pages rank in the search engines. Even one toxic link pointing to your site can harm your rankings. Over the years we have built up a ‘unique’ and ‘extensive’ database of 1000’s and 1000’s of high quality, high authority website and blog contacts in every sector we’ve worked in. Our reputation and relationships with these sites and publishers simply means that we can earn links faster than most.


Ecommerce SEO Process

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If you partner with us to help you learn ecommerce SEO on this course – this is our typical e-commerce SEO process. This may vary for each client depending on what is necessary. 

Site Audit

Site Audit – crawl every page of your site and assess it against its current standing with Google’s quality guidelines, algorithms and approximately 200 known ranking factors to identify ‘technical’ issues that are hindering its performance in the search engines.

Technical & Design Engineering

An audit will identify a list of technical issues that are hindering your sites performance. We will advise of any design changes that are required to facilitate the optimising of your site’s web pages including navigation, URL structure, hierarchical structure and page layout – We will fix these issues ourselves or we will work closely with your developers (in-house or 3rd party) to fix all issues dealing with ‘high priority’ tasks first.

Keyword Research & Mapping

At the beginning of your campaign we will identify and assess your site’s current ‘keyword strategy’ to determine what keywords and search phrases your site is targeting, what keywords and search phrases you should be targeting and what additional keywords and search phrases you could be targeting. Once you are happy with our recommendations (based on our detailed research) we will program your site with your new ‘keyword map’ to ensure we are targeting different search terms on every single page of your site. 

Technical & Design Engineering

On-site Content Optimisation (Panda Algorithm) – an on-site content strategy will be designed for every page of your site to ensure your site satisfies Google’s requirements for content quality including all category, sub-category and product pages. We will help you check every page for quality, duplicate, poor or thin quality content. One page of low quality, thin or duplicate content harms your sites rankings in the search engines. Optimizing ‘on-site content’ issues will significantly improve your sites rankings if your technical issues have been resolved.

On-page Optimisation training – we will technically optimise every single page of your site where possible including; accessibility, metadata, titles (H1-H6 tags), imagery (alt=tags), social sharing, structured data, layout, content, page load speed testing, image optimisation, internal linking plus much more.

Link Profile Detox

Link Profile Detox (Penguin Algorithm) – one toxic link pointing to your website can be harmful to your sites rankings. We will assess and detox your current link profile monthly via the ‘disavow’ process when necessary. Ensuring a healthy link profile is essential for maintaining and improving rankings. You’ll find us number 1 on Google for ‘link penalty removal services’ (where we’ve been for over 4 years) – as a result we have recovered many sites from Google penalties and have expert knowledge of what constitutes a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ link.

Content Optimisation

Content Marketing is essential to drive additional ‘targeted’ traffic, reach new audiences and to attract links to your domain. Your initial ‘keyword research will identify a list of search phrases that your site could be targeting.  We will work with you and design you a 3 month content marketing plan. We’ll research and discover the exact content pieces that are driving the most amount of traffic to your top competitors websites. 

Manual Content Promotion & Outreach 

It’s one thing producing a brilliant piece of content but it’s another persuading other sites to link to it. Over the years we have built up a high-quality network of relationships with authors, bloggers, writers and journalists from some of the world’s top blogs and most authoritative websites.  Over the years we have had our own content published on some of the biggest and best sites in the world, and have won awards for the results these links have helped achieved.

Ad Hoc Media Requests

Because of our reputation and relationships with top websites and publications – we often receive ‘ad-hoc’ media requests that can lead to fantastic brand exposure or high authority links. We will present any ‘ad-hoc’ opportunities that fall into our lap that we feel are relevant to you brand.

Project Management

All of our campaigns are managed through our sophisticated CRM and Project Management software. Each task of your campaign is allocated to an appropriate team member by our Client Services Director. Each task is strictly monitored for accurate and timely delivery and execution. Each member of staff has a strict set of KPI’s and quality management systems and process to ensure our award-winning SEO methodology is strictly adhered to.

Collaborative Working 

We’re extremely open and transparent about the work that has been delivered on your campaign. We’ll provide you with ‘viewable’ access to a personal ‘Client Folder’ on our drive in the cloud (logins provided). All activities performed on your campaign will be recorded in your Client Sheet so that you can monitor progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Performance Reporting

As an agency, we spend £1000’s a month on our unique software toolset that helps us deliver our ‘cutting edge’ and ‘award winning’ SEO methodology. These tools provide us with valuable data and insights which allow us to maximise the performance of each and every single campaign that we deliver. Each month we’ll provide you with the following reports:

1 – Advanced SEO Report – each month you will receive an advanced SEO Report that includes a detailed monthly SEO audit on your technical SEO issues, design and UX issues. A monthly link profile analysis update and our sophisticated software marketing too will also monitor, track and benchmark your performance of up to 9 competitors.

2 – Analytics E-commerce Performance Reports – we’ll create customised ‘dashboard’ reports in your Google Analytics account to report on channel performance. We’ll analyse your Acquisition; Audience; Behaviour & conversions. Understanding your data is essential for campaign re-engineering.

3 – Campaign Analysis & Review – our Client Services Director will provide

you with a written report or call each month after carefully analyzing your campaign performance and the impact this has had on your overall site revenue. We will summarize all of the work performed on your campaign for the previous month and we’ll outline the plan for the coming month.


Psyche – 85% Growth in 8 Weeks:

“We have worked with Kristin and the team at since October 2018 and since then our organic visibility and more importantly organic revenue have grown significantly. Furthermore, Kristin provides guidance and training to enhance our in-house SEO work, so as to achieve a two pronged and more productive approach to this vast topic.’

Steve Cochrane MBE – Owner – Psyche

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