Ecommerce SEO Audit, Health-check & Diagnostics Report

What is an ecommerce SEO audit?

An ecommerce SEO audit is an assessment of your ecommerce platform against search engine algorithms, quality guidelines, ranking factors and best practices to identify ‘fixable’ issues that can improve your store’s visibility and rankings in the search engines in order to increase traffic, sales and revenue.

How does it work?

We’ll crawl up to 20,000 pages of your ecommerce store and our sophisticated analysis software will perform millions of detailed checks on every URL identifying issues that are hindering your sites organic performance in the search search engines, from broken internal links and duplicate metadata conflicts to page load speed issues and uncompressed JavaScript and CSS files. Our free, advanced ecommerce SEO audit report includes:

  • Organic Channel Insights
  • Keyword Strategy Analysis
  • Ecommerce Platform Performance Review
  • Advanced Technical SEO Review
  • Search Console Review
  • Structured Data & Markup Analysis
  • On-page Optimisation Analysis
  • Page Load Speed Insights
  • On-site Content Analysis
  • Link Profile Analysis
  • Competitor Landscape Analysis
  • Google Analytics Review

We’ll then collate the data and present our findings in an easy to read and digestible format, highlighting issues in order of severity. Once we’ve presented the information to you, either ‘face to face’ or over a ‘screen share’, we’ll email you a very detailed PDF report with recommendations for a ‘strategic SEO road-map’ to resolve any issues that we find.

How much does an ecommerce SEO audit cost?

Unlike many other agencies out there, our ecommerce SEO audits are completely free of charge and come with no obligation whatsoever. It’s been our ‘route to market’ from day one back in 2010. These audits give us a fabulous insight into how well your site is aligned with algorithms, quality guidelines and known ranking factors but more importantly, they identify opportunities for organic growth. They also provide us with an opportunity to demonstrate our specialist skills, knowledge and experience in helping retailers maximise revenue potential from organic. Straight talking, jargon free, expert analysis and advice.

Ecommerce SEO Audit Content

Our ecommerce SEO audits are broken into 4 key sections in line with our award winning ecommerce SEO methodology.


We’ll assess your current ‘technical’ standing against major algorithms, quality guidelines and ’best practices’ to identify opportunities for organic growth.  Every website and e-commerce platform can be optimised. We’re familiar with all of the common flaws in your platform whether it’s Magento, Shopify, OpenCart and others but more importantly, we’ll know how to fix them.


We’ll assess the technical architecture of your site on mobile and desktop to ensure that it meets the necessary standards and quality guidelines for UX and page load speed to facilitate maximum performance in the search engines.


We’ll manually assess your sites content strategy to determine how well it is aligned with Google’s ‘content quality’ guidelines. One page of low quality, thin or duplicate content can harm your sites rankings.

The number and quality of links pointing to your site are still one the biggest ranking factors in search. One toxic link pointing to your website site can harm your sites rankings. We’ll assess the quality of your link profile and we’ll identify toxic, suspicious & safe links.

To request a free, personalised, no obligation advanced SEO audit to identify opportunities for organic sales growth, please kindly fill in the form below.