Ecommerce Coaching Program For Brands & Independent Retailers Ready To Scale With AI

Welcome to ULTIMATE Retail Pro®! A no-frills e-commerce coaching program for ambitious, brands and independent retailers ready to scale and take their business to the next level.

I’m Kristin Mark and I’m the owner, founder, and CEO of an international, multi-award-winning ecommerce & growth marketing agency called Kristin Mark Digital® and my expert team and I have helped over 1000 online retailers scale their e-commerce business with organic-centric marketing strategies since 2010. 

  • Kristin Mark – regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on Shopify SEO
  • Multi-award-winning agency – CEO of Kristin Mark Digital®established back in 2010 with 100’s of active clients
  • International agency – worked with 1000+ 6, 7 and 8-figure retailers all over the world
  • ​​​Consistently recognized – for the results that deliver for our clients, been responsible for $10M’s of sales growth
  • ​World-exclusive Shopify OS 2.0 technologies – along with my amazing team, have developed some of the world’s most innovative Shopify tech 

My agency has been responsible for $10M’s of sales growth using our proven e-commerce growth system and we have been consistently recognized for the results that we deliver for our clients and for the uniqueness and impact we have had in our sector and we have 100’s of clients across the globe that are using our technology and services.

After working with hundreds of 7 & 8-figure retailers for more than 12 years, I have developed a unique, proven, e-commerce growth system that helps retailers scale online fast using my new and updated approach that leverages the power of AI.

This blueprint and framework is the exact same, easy-to-follow, 7-step process that we are using in our agency today to add substantial 6 and even 7-figures to our client’s e-commerce businesses in a few short months.

We all know that e-commerce is experiencing exponential growth and there has never been a better time to scale across all marketing channels with higher rankings, more traffic and more conversions, whilst improving profitably and ROAS.

This is NOT an e-commerce training and coaching program for get-rich-quick entrepreneurs.

This is a unique training and coaching program for established brands and independent retailers that are ready to:

  • Take full ownership of their digital marketing efforts
  • Significantly reduce agency, freelancer, and copywriter costs (average saving $70K per year)
  • Flood their stores with ‘high-purchase-intent’ traffic
  • Improve ROAS from paid ads and…
  • Increase profitability

What Is An E-commerce Business Coach?

An e-commerce business coach is a person who has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field of online retail and the e-commerce business model across all channels and can use those skills to help others grow their businesses online, usually, with proven frameworks and blueprints.

Why Do You Need E-commerce Coaching?

Here are the main reasons ecommerce business owners join my program because they:

  • Are struggling to take their business to the next level…
  • ​Know or don’t why they are performing well in some sales channels but not others…
  • Are tired of paying expensive agencies that ‘over-promise’ and ‘under-deliver’…
  • They have neglected their organic channel for too long because it’s been too hard, too expensive too time-consuming and it takes too long to get an ROI (AI has changed all that).
  • Rely too heavily on paid ads and want to focus on organic because it’s now better, faster, more accurate and much cheaper with AI
  • ​Are experiencing an ever-diminishing ROAS with ad spend…
  • Simply recognize they need expert help to get to the next level…  
  • Want a follow a proven framework….

And, want to be coached and mentored by a multi-award-winning expert with a proven track record in scaling e-commerce businesses with an organic-centric focus.

So if you are ready to dominate all sales channels (especially organic) and build a more recognizable brand in your niche, and are ready to scale your business by 6 or 7 figures in the next 6-12 months like I’ve done for so many clients before…

Then this training & coaching program that I deliver myself personally, could be exactly what you and your business have been looking for.

Unlike any other e-commerce coach or program in the world that typically focuses on just one or two paid channels,  ULTIMATE Retail Pro® is ‘organic-centric’ whilst covering ALL other marketing channels and leverages AI in each.

What Is My E-commerce Coaching Process?

It’s called the ‘Organic AI’ Growth System.

A proven, organic-centric, AI-driven, multi-award-winning e-commerce growth system that is helping retailers add 6 and 7-figures to their bottom line in months.

After an initial onboarding call where I will analyze your whole business, my 50+ training modules with downloads, templates, master prompts, and cheat sheets will take you through the following process…


Business Audit & Opportunity Analysis

Together we’ll assess your whole e-commerce business performance across all channels to analyze your exact position to understand where you are right now, where you need to be, and what we need to do to get you there by identifying opportunities for growth.

We’ll collaborate on your business data and analytics

  • ​We’ll run a series of technical and strategic audits and reports will be produced
  • Get a personalized roadmap for you and your business – one size does not fit all 


Organic-AI Masterclass

I’ll take you through my multi-award-winning organic-AI, conversion and growth optimization blueprint so you can dominate the organic search results in your niche by helping you achieve higher rankings, more traffic, and more organic conversions.

  • Align your whole store with Google’s algorithms, quality guidelines & 200+ known ranking factors
  • Improve page load speed on mobile and desktop to improve conversion rates
  • Learn how to produce UNLIMITED high-quality, high-ranking, high-converting content in just minutes with my exclusive AI-SEO Content Formula.


Automated Marketing Mastery

I’ll show you how to construct the most effective series of automated marketing sequences so that your business is generating more and more sales on autopilot to increase the profitability of all of your marketing investments.

  • Generate sales on autopilot with abandoned cart, upselling & cross-selling & repeat purchases
  • Improve average order values (AOV’s) and customer lifetime values (LTV’s)
  • Increase ROAS and profitability from customer lists you own


10X Google Ads For E-commerce

I’ll show the exact same Google Ad stack that we use in our agency today to generate an average 8.32 ROAS to help your scale with Google Ads profitably – we always aim and strive for 10X ROAS but every business model is unique.

  • Learn the importance of synergy between organic and paid optimization methodologies
  • Learn how to optimize and scale your ads profitably using data without wasting budget
  • Learn a proven formula for scaling with Google ads


Organic Social Media Marketing

Learn how to personify your perfect customer avatars so that you can increase your brand awareness and exposure and learn how to influence potential purchasers of your products as earlier as possible in the purchasing cycle.

  • Personify your perfect customer profiles and behaviors
  • Increase brand awareness and exposure 
  • Influence, engage, and build audiences who would be interested in your products


Paid Social Media Marketing

With increased competition, increasing ad costs and an ever-diminishing ROAS, I’ll help you determine which, if any, are the current trending platforms that you should be considering to help you scale – only after we have lay the perfect organic growth foundations.

  • Eliminate costly and ineffective paid social ad campaigns 
  • Identify the most appropriate paid social marketing channels for your perfect customer avatars
  • Scale the right types of paid social ad campaigns for your business


E-commerce Data Science

Accurate omni-channel data and performance analysis is becoming increasingly difficult with ever-changing data and privacy laws across the globe. I’ll help you navigate the data in your e-commerce business to assess, analyze and engineer your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

  • Collect the most accurate data about your customers and potential customers
  • Analyze and interpret to the data to make informed decisions about your scaling strategy
  • Re-engineer all marketing efforts based on ‘fact’ – not ‘fiction’

6-Month E-commerce Coaching & Mastermind FAQ’s…

Q – Who is the ULTIMATE Retail Pro 6-month coaching & mentorship mastermind for?

This coaching and mastermind program is for any professional retailer that has an established business model and has the money to invest in both themselves and their business to help them get to the next level.

Q – What’s unique about this coaching and mentorship program?

As well as having a multi-award-winning team of growth marketing experts behind you, no other e-commerce coach in the world deals with ‘organic’ growth as well as ‘paid’ growth like we do. These strategies are the exact same strategies that my agency (established in 2010) executes on a daily basis to our 7 & 8-figure retailers. How many other gurus can say that?

Q – Will this work for me and my business?

If you have met with me already, it means that I have probably already identified that I have already your bottlenecks and have already shown you where I can help you and your business. I turn away 70-75% of applications. As long as you can perform the work I suggest, this will be a success for you.

Q – How much does my training and coaching program cost?

You can work with me from as little as just $2K but it depends on what level of involvement you would like me to have. I offer both group coaching and 1-2-1 coaching for those businesses that want to work with me direct.

Q – Is it just a one-time payment?

Yes, it’s a one-off, up-front payment to get instant access to my Growth Academy and all that comes with it. A 3-month payment plan can be offered as a last resort but please note that this will be priced higher than the standard price.

Q –  I am an agency, freelancer, or creator, can I partner with you for my own clients?

No, I’m sorry, I only work with retailers and their teams directly. I do have a referral scheme though, so please get in touch with me if you are interested thanks!

 Q – What other services do you provide?

When my clients value time over money, I have a number of ‘done-for-you’ service options that can help you get results faster and quicker to accelerate your growth.

To conclude…

If you’re ready for the next level and you know you need extra help please sign up for some FREE VIDEO TRAINING from a true e-commerce business coach to learn more about how to scale your business in 7 simple steps…


Do you know what the bottlenecks are in your business that are preventing you from scaling? Please leave a comment below…

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