Data Is Key to Optimising Conversions

Industry experts are increasingly in agreement about the need for webmasters to take advantage of various data sources when pursuing a course of conversion-rate optimisation (CRO). And now there is hard evidence that this is often the most effective way of boosting the impact of any marketing campaign.

The most recent Digital Marketing Optimisation survey from Adobe found that the majority of the world’s most effective converters are using data to drive strategies and determine the actions that they take, according to Marketing Week.
Meanwhile, for firms that are further down the ladder in terms of CRO, a much smaller number are embracing this data-driven approach, indicating that this is one of the factors that determines a site’s success.
Data is not only useful for determining how to run broad campaigns in the digital space, but is also commonly leveraged by well-known firms when they want to appeal to a specific audience. Interestingly, however, it is only possible to push through with such strategies if the entire company is on board, as the report found that having a marketing department which takes its cues from analytics is not enough.
A recent article from Econsultancy on this topic provides a look at the ways that businesses can benefit from existing data tools in order to make the most of e-commerce. And the rise of social networking means that engaging with customers directly to fuel conversions is far easier to achieve today than it has been in the past.
Facebook’s ubiquity makes it one of the best social platforms from which to source customers. It has also honed its own paid-advertising platforms to help companies interact with and appeal to the correct target audience with as much ad-spend efficiency as possible.
One of the reasons to make sure that visitors are engaged before they even get to the site is that the number that end up with items added to a basket and who then abandon it before the transaction has been completed can be problematically high in many cases.
It is in the interest of webmasters to make sure that people who visit a site are compelled not just to click an ad in the first place, but also to then commit to completing a transaction. And the digital data which is on tap in so many forms and from so many sources is helping big companies to test and implement marketing more effectively, which is why other firms are being encouraged to follow suit rather than sit on the sidelines and rely on techniques that are fast becoming out-dated.
Of course, this may be a daunting prospect, especially given the nature of data generation and how much information there is to store and process today. But with third-party platforms set up specifically to simplify big data analytics and bring businesses of all sizes the benefit, there is less reason to be cautious about adopting a bold approach to conversion-rate optimisation. It is something that can bring a large return on investment.

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