ClickFunnels Review: The Ultimate Guide For Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Affiliates

A detailed ClickFunnels review. The Ultimate guide for For Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Affiliates. I’m a digital agency owner myself so I was intrigued as much as anyone what all the hype was about, as everywhere you look online these days, a ClickFunnels advert is never a few minutes away from your laptop or mobile screen if you’re in the digital marketing or affiliate game. I had a few burning questions in the back of my mind before I became a Platinum member.

  • How could ClickFunnels benefit me and my agency?
  • How could ClickFunnels benefit my e-commerce clients?
  • Would ClickFunnels benefit my small business clients?
  • How good is the ClickFunnels affiliate program?
  • How will ClickFunnels help me Make Money Online?

For those of you that don’t know what ClickFunnels is, it’s a sophisticated ‘sales funnel’ software and marketing resource that allows entrepreneurs to grow their business online with ‘sales funnels’ and automated marketing sequences and membership areas without needing a website, technical skills, email lists and even without products. 


ClickFunnels Review

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a series of logical set of steps a consumer takes before making a purchase. Every business has them whether you’re aware of them or not. Sales funnels are instrumental in helping businesses grow,  from lead capture to purchase, to upsell to repeat business.

ClickFunnels is a piece of software that allows you to build and automate sales funnels online using just ONE piece of technology. Up until it’s launch in 2014 by Russel Brunson, you needed to use several different software applications to build a sales funnel online. You needed data capture software to capture email addresses. Landing page software to deliver your message. 3rd party payment gateways to sell your product online. You needed automated email marketing software to follow up, up-sell and cross-sell with email sequencing and finally, you needed membership area software. ClickFunnels has it all under one roof.

ClickFunnels aggregates all of the necessary functionality with just one piece of extremely intuitive software making it extremely easy to for entrepreneurs to build and launch sales funnels without the need for expensive developers, previous web experience, email lists or even products. The best thing about ClickFunnels and why it’s so different is the marketing training, resources and literature it provides to help you succeed. Not only does it teach you about the fundamental principles of marketing, it helps you develop the right mindset for online success whilst giving you market leading tools and software.


Whatever kind of business you have, your business will have a sales funnel. Smart businesses are learning how to automate the sales process and grow their business online saving time whether it’s selling products or for lead generation, saving enormous amounts of effort, money, resources and time. Here’s a few examples of how businesses are using ClickFunnels to grow their businesses online.

Agencies & Freelancers – if you’re an agency or a freelancer, the possibilities are endless, especially of your if you’re in a particular niche and you have a clearly defined target market and demographic. If you want to stand out from the crowd and not just build ‘brochureware’ websites that typically don’t perform, you have an amazing opportunity to build lead generation solutions that actually work and manage the whole sales process from start to finish then follow-up. You’ll probably never look at standard website CMS’s in the same light again.

Coaches & Consultants – are you a coach or consultant that has a limited amount of time to sell each day, week, month or year? Have you ever thought about putting your knowledge or expertise down on paper or even videos to generate extra income? There’s coaches and consultants out there making millions by doing so. ClickFunnels will give you the tools and the know how 

Local Small Business – did you ever imagine that even local businesses such as BUILDERS can grow their business online using sales funnels? Neither did I until I read one of their case studies that shows how a local kitchen restoration company achieved astronomical growth using ClickFunnels. They advertised a specific niche service to a specifically targeted location and saw their new business leads go through the roof!

B2B Lead Generation – you can use ClickFunnels to produce highly qualified leads, saving you an enormous amount of time, effort and money when it comes to the lead qualification process. Online forms and questionnaires allow you to filter out hot leads from tyre kickers even before you receive any contact details. Use the scheduling tools to book qualified sales calls and spend your time closing on the phone, not chasing.


E-commerce businesses are turbo charging their sales and profits with the next generation of automated e-commerce marketing techniques. 10X your conversion and upsell rates by using automated funnels and follow-up sequences. 

E-Commerce – online retailers are switching from Amazon, eBay and other shopping cart software and platforms to ClickFunnels which is allowing them to compete on ‘value’ and not ‘price’. Unlike most e-commerce platforms, ClickFunnels allows you totally customize the checkout process without the need for expensive development costs. ‘One click’ upsells and ‘One Time Offer’ pages allow you to supercharge your average order values [AOV’s] at checkout and then personalized ‘follow-up’ sequencing are seeing some of our clients revenue and profitability increase by as much as 800%. This really is the next generation of e-commerce marketing.

Information Products – do you have an e-book or an information product that you own or you would like to create? ClickFunnels is perfect for delivering information products or e-books to specific target markets. They have case studies and examples of entrepreneurs selling diets and personal training work-outs and making $20,000 per month with a simple 12-page e-book working just a few hours per day.


So if you’re not looking to promote a service or a product but you are looking for a genuine, ethical, high ticket affiliate program that provides you with free first class training with marketing leading products. on how to actually become a Super Affiliate with, then look no further.

ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club –  in  order to attract and incentivise affiliates and businesses to their program, ClickFunnels have what’s called the ‘2 Comma Club’. This is an exclusive group of ClickFunnels ELITE affiliate and business marketers who have generated over $1Million from just one single funnel!! With over 300+ 2 Comma Club members,  some of whom have achieved from 0-7 Figures in less than 3-months is truly remarkable and awe inspiring when you read some of their stories.

2 Tiered Affiliate Ecosystem – not only does ClickFunnels pay a 40% monthly recurring commissions, their 2-Tiered Affiliate Commission Platform pays you 5% commission on everything anyone that you sign up promotes so it really is a powerful incentive to help promote this amazing software and services.

Sticky Cookie – The sticky cookie allows our affiliates to get a ‘passive’ affiliate commission whenever we send an offer to our community, and you have the active sticky cookie on file for whoever makes a purchase. So basically, you’ll earn commissions on any upsells that your affiliate purchases through promotions or funnels, another great way of boosting your affiliate commissions.

Best ClickFunnels Features

1 – FUNNEL TEMPLATES – choose from 22 high converting, pre-designed funnel templates. These templates make it so easy for users to have their funnels up and running within minutes. Just fill in the blanks and then you’re up and away!

Summit Funnel – Grow your list and build your following by running a summit funnel.

Application Funnel – Have people apply to work with you through an application funnel

Squeeze Page Funnel – Use curiosity to generate leads with this simple two page funnel

2-Step Tripwire Funnel – Use a low ticket front end product and then upsell them your others products

Hero Funnel – Let people know who you are and how to connect with you

Survey Funnel – Find out who your visitors are first and then send them into the right funnel

Invisible Funnel – Sell access to an event, but charge them after it’s over if they like it

Product Launch Funnel – Built anticipation for your new product with our product launch funnels

Bridge Funnel – Generate a lead, then bridge the gap before you send them to the next funnel

Lead Magnet Funnel – Give people an ethical bribe in exchange for their email address

Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel – Give value first, then ask for their email with a reverse squeeze funnel

Daily Deal Funnel – Make an irresistible offer to get new customers (Nickname: Groupon Funnel)

Storefront Funnel – A traditional ecommerce “website” that pushes people into your core funnels

Membership Funnel – Create a membership site and sell access to it through this funnel

Live Demo Funnel – Demonstrate your product through your own live demo funnel

Webinar Funnel – This funnel will get people to registered and attend your webinar events

Ask Campaign Funnel – Find out what your customers actually want before you create it for them

Video Sales Letter Funnel – Use video to sell your products or services through a VSL funnel

Auto Webinar Funnel – Create auto webinars that automatically sell your products around the clock

Homepage Funnel – A traditional “website” that pushes people into your core funnels

Cancellation Funnel – Create a survey asking people why they are leaving then try to save the sale

Sales Letter Funnel – Use a traditional sales letter to sell your products or services


Their drag and drop page editor is lightning quick which means you really can have a sales funnel live within about 10 minutes flat.


What is ClickFunnels Backpack?

ClickFunnels Backpack is a built in affiliate management system which allows you to create your own affiliate program and scale your business without scaling your workload or your advertising costs by letting others promote your products or services and earn commissions whilst doing so. Available with ClickFunnels Platinum package only @ $297 per month.



In my opinion, the best collection of over 20 free training resources ever compiled that’s yours for free when you sign up to ClickFunnels. There’s training available from so many amazing tutors and they include:

  • Tony Robbins Private Collection
  • One Funnel Away Challenge
  • Funnel U
  • 10X Secrets
  • Traffic Secrets
  • Jay Abraham: The Anthology
  • The Warrior’s Way Doctrine (Director’s Cut)
  • 30 Days
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Ecommerce (Coming Soon)
  • Brick & Mortar (Coming Soon)
  • 10X: A ClickFunnels Story
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • Operation Underground Railroad
  • Funnel Hacker TV
  • Funnel Hackathon
  • AdSkills
  • Unlock The Secrets (Collective Plan Only)
  • Outsource Force
  • Product Secrets
  • Money Mindset
  • And There Is More Coming Soon!
  • High Ticket Secrets (Coming Soon)
  • OfferMind (Coming Soon)
  • Funnel Hacking LIVE Documentary (Coming Soon)
  • Course Secrets (Coming Soon)
  • Funnel Agency Secrets (Coming Soon)
  • YouTube Traffic Secrets (Coming Soon)

ClickFunnels Support

You’ll find the ClickFunnels support network is second to none. They provide an extensive range of online documentation, how to videos, knowledge base answers, and live support chat which works on a 3-tier escalation process.  There’s also an official Facebook Group for many of the programs as well as one dedicated exclusively to ClickFunnels affiliates.

ClickFunnels Pricing & Packages

I’m pleased to say that since its 5th birthday at the beginning of October 2019, ClickFunnels has simplified its pricing and product structure. After the 14-Day Free Trial, you now have 2 x monthly payment options and another coming soon.

1 – ClickFunnels Package at $97 per month – no contracts, cancel anytime.

This package is perfect for small businesses or solopreneurs who are looking to start promotion of their product and services online. REGISTER NOW for your Free 14-Day Trial. 

What’s included in the basic ClickFunnels Package?

  • Share Funnels – Yes
  • Funnels – 20
  • Users – 1
  • Pages – 100
  • Payment Gateways – 3
  • Domains – 3
  • Follow-up Funnels – No
  • Chat Support – Yes
  • Weekly Peer Review Hackathons – No
  • Funnel Hacker Forums – Yes
  • Funnel Flix – Yes

2 – ClickFunnels Platinum @ $297 per month – no contracts, cancel anytime.

Perfect for agencies, freelancers and entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their businesses online. ClickFunnels Platinum gives you the ability and flexibility to create unlimited offers and unlimited growth. Generate more leads and sales than you ever imagined! You’ll also be able to create Follow-Up Funnels, which allows you to send and automate emails, texts, and messages so you can stay connected with your audience! As a ClickFunnels Platinum member myself, I highly recommend this package if you’re serious about growing your business online.

What’s included in the ClickFunnels Platinum Package?

    • Share Funnels – Yes
    • Funnels – UNLIMITED
    • Pages – UNLIMITED
    • Users – 3
    • Payment Gateways – 9
    • Domains – 9
    • Follow-up Funnels – YES
    • Chat Support – Yes

  • Weekly Peer Review Hackathons – YES
  • Funnel Hacker Forums – YES 
  • Funnel Flix – YES

Getting Started with ClickFunnels

You’ll probably find it a little daunting when you first sign up as there is so much information to take in and there are so many different ‘routes to learning’ you can take to build up your knowledge for the software.

Learn how ClickFunnels can help grow your business online today >>Watch Video.

What are the Pro’s & Con’s of ClickFunnels?


  • World’s best ‘all-in one’ sales funnel and marketing automation software.
  • World class free training for businesses, entrepreneurs and affiliates.
  • Easy to use and intuitive software builder.
  • Pre-designed, high converting sales funnel templates.
  • First class customer support.


  • Vast amount of information to take in at the beginning and can be extremely overwhelming for newbies.

Disclaimer: the opinions in this post are my own and I may earn affiliate commissions from some of this links in this post. Any proceeds go towards the costs of supporting any business, entrepreneur or affiliate throughout their use of ClickFunnels as their mentor and coach which is a ‘service bonus’ that I offer to anyone that registers through any of these links.