8 Best Upsell Apps For Shopify

Upsell Apps are essentially plug-ins or extra bits of technology that you can feature on your website as a way of increasing sales and conversion rates. If you have ever shopped on Amazon, you will have seen these in action but may not necessarily have known how they work. Any offers, recommendations, incentives, discounts or banners are likely to be the result of a featured Upsell app. So let’s take a look at the main ones on Shopify and see what they can do for your online business.


  1. Bold Upsell
  2. Ultimate Special Offers
  3. Limespot
  4. Smart search and instant search
  5. Bold brain
  6. Upsell Popup
  7. Findify Search and Discovery
  8. Personalised Recommendations from Wiser

1. Bold Upsell

8 Best Upsell Apps For Shopify

Bold Upsell offers shoppers the chance to upgrade any product that they may have selected and exchange this for what is in their shopping cart. This cross-selling feature makes purchasing recommendations based upon existing data analysis, thereby increasing the chances of a sale. A key benefit is the ability to offer an immediate price update as a result of activity on the site.

Pricing plans range from $9.99 a month to up to $89.99 a month and are based on the number of views the offers and incentives produce.

***Review ratings : 4.7/1271 reviews***

2. Ultimate Special Offers

Shopify’s Special Offers app is marketed as an ‘all in one upselling solution, offering sales, discounts, and promotions’. Its analytical capabilities allow you to track orders with offers and then view whether sales were generated as a result. The benefit of this app is its holistic approach to online shopping; it applies much the same logic as a physical store, however its more sophisticated targeting means that the right promotions appear at the right time for the right customers. The Special Offers USP is in its simple yet sophisticated capabilities, particularly its ability to run multiple offers and incentives at the same time.

Pricing plans range from $19 a month for the basic package to $99 a month for unlimited orders and all related features.

***Review ratings : 4.5/325***

3. Limespot

LimeSpot is known as ‘a real-time AI-powered personalisation platform’ which simply means that the software analyses live shopper activity and then offers the most relevant and highly targeted incentives based upon this. The app includes a personalised website with multiple recommendations on each page offering links to blogs, upselling and cross-selling throughout. It offers powerful analytical data and the software can be up and running in no time as it is plug and play. Limespot is a powerful app offering deep and insightful analytical data, however, its USP really is its support service which gets glowing reviews on Shopify.

Pricing plans range from $0 a month for the starter plan to up to $20 a month as a result of any sales made. The highest package includes an enhanced product targeting and concurrent A/B/N testing option and is $500 a month.

***Review ratings : 4.9/1351***

4. Smart Search and Instant Search

This Shopify product filter and search add-on tool is designed to stop shoppers from leaving your website. The advanced and intelligent searching facilities ensure that the shopper is able to find exactly what they want in minutes. It offers multiple filters and search facilities including searching for specific percentage reductions or in-stock only items. It is effectively a virtual shop assistant designed to help the online shopper to locate what they want. This is a tried and tested product with some big brand names on its customer list; Durex, Phillips, Boeing and Levi’s to name but a few. It prides itself on its multi-lingual platform, meaning that it is able to cater for a wider market base.

Price plans range from free for up to 25 products purchased, to up to $9 a month for 500+ products purchased. They offer a discount for paying annually with the annual fee being $75.60 per year, working out at $6.30 month.

***Review ratings : 4.9/849***

5. Bold Brain

The Bold Brain widget collects real-time analytical data and recommends specific products as a result of the data collected. The widget’s display changes in accordance with how the store is performing at any given moment. Popular features include the most highly rated products, related items, people also bought (this item), most popular products, recently viewed and recently added products. The key benefits of the software are its analytical capabilities which enable you to instantly see how well the widget is performing with a breakdown of the number of successful cross-sell offers. It’s USP really lies in its data capture and analytical functionality.

Price plans range from free for reporting and customer segmentation to up to $19.99 a month for key features, including smart widgets and product recommendations. There is also +2% transaction fee on any widget sales.

***Review ratings : 3.8/38***

6. Upsell Popup

The Upsell Popup app is centred around keeping the customer’s attention. It is more sophisticated than simple pop-ups as it offers an ‘exit-intent popup window’, specifically designed to draw the customer’s attention prior to departure from the site. It is at this stage that the customer may be offered incentives to keep them shopping; these can be anything from free deliveries and discounted prices to a free gift or newsletter subscription, all are designed to keep the customer engaged. This app’s USP is its smart pop-up functionality which only pops up at the right time with the right product for the right customer, increasing the chances of a sale.

Price plans range from $2.95 a month for the basic package to up to $11.95 a month for the premium which includes additional support and dedicated account manager. The annual fee is $29.95 per year for the basic package, working out at $2.50 per month. An annual fee of $111.95 for the premium support package includes everything from the basic plan, plus dedicated support and works out at $9.33 per month.

***Review ratings : 4.8/509***

7. Findify Search and Discovery

Findify presents itself as an ‘Artificial Intelligence personalisation platform’ aimed at increasing the revenue and customer satisfaction of its customers. Key features include an intelligent search facility with product recommendations. It offers clever product filtering which is applied to the analysis of instant analytical data. The entire purpose of the app is to simplify the online shopping experience by offering capabilities such as autocomplete, predictive search, spelling tolerance and dynamic filtering. Findify’s USP is its smart search capabilities which have resulted in it becoming one of the most successful apps on Shopify.

Price plans range from $499 a month for the premium package to up to $1199 a month for the higher-end package. The higher-end package includes priority support, unlimited visits from shoppers and a sophisticated content search facility.

***Review ratings : 4.7/241***

8. Personalised Recommendations from Wiser

Wiser is a widget focusing primarily upon personalised product recommendations which include any related products, recently viewed products and frequently bought together products. The widgets can be added to any page of your website and can be tailored to fit with any existing branding and design. Key features include best sellers and product promotion incentives. Wiser’s USP is in its ability to use artificial intelligence to present customers with hand-picked product recommendations.

Price plans range from free for Wiser generated sales of less than $50 a month to up to $25 a month for sales greater than $500.

***Review Ratings : 4.8/211***

In conclusion all these apps will have an impact on your conversion rates helping more customers to purchase and helping more customers make additional purchases. Our recommendation whould be the Bold Upsell app which work fantastically well and is easy to use. It can also be used alongside the Bold Brain app and will help you to increase that conversion rate and make the most of the traffic your site is already receiving.

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