The Best Shopify Theme For SEO & Why



We’ve been re-engineering Shopify themes for SEO to help them perform better in the search engines since 2010. We got tired of unraveling and fixing other theme designers ‘technical SEO mess’, the poor code design and development that seriously hinders a theme’s ability to perform organically in the search engines, so we decided to engineer and develop our own world-class theme. In 2018, we started a mission to build the best Shopify theme in the world for SEO and have been improving it ever since. It has optimized, algorithm aligned code for all devices, a page load speed under 1 second, over 60 SEO & conversion-boosting features that will save you over $3000 per year on apps, AND – is the ONLY theme in the world with fully-optimizable product pages that typically increase your organic visibility in the search engines by 1500% in weeks.


We’re super excited to announce a new version of our theme will be launching in 2022 – the next generation of Shopify OS 2.0 theme – exclusive to Kristin Mark Digital®.


We’ve been helping retailers maximise their organic revenue with e-commerce SEO since 2010. We’re experts in technical SEO and optimizing e-commerce platforms to make them perform significantly better in the search engines. When Shopify came along, we couldn’t believe that no-one seemed to care about how well it performed in the search engines, even Shopify themselves. Shopify is known for its technical SEO issues;


  • No access to the Robots.txt file [lack of control of which pages Google indexes and crawls on your site]
  • Forced hierarchical structure [not perfect for link equity distribution]
  • Images delivered via Content Distribution Network [can’t fully optimize images]
  • ***In-accessible product filter/tag pages*** [duplication penalties that harm rankings/blocked URLs in the search engines’ – Shopify’s biggest SEO issue].
  • 3rd Party App Installations [many cause major technical SEO issues that hinder organic performance and have no regard for SEO].

As multi-award-winning Shopify SEO experts, we have designed the world’s first Shopify theme that has FULLY OPTIMIZED, PRODUCT FILTER/TAG Pages which unleash 1000’s more store URL’s in the search engines, whilst completely eliminating collection page duplications. A typical Shopify store with 50 collections and 20 product filters in the sidebar will increase its organic visibility by 1500% in weeks.


90+ SEO & Conversion Boosting Features


Shopify stores with large inventories have complex product page filtering requirements. We’ve engineered our Shopify themes to allow retailers to create up to eight sidebar filters types [unlimited filters in each type] without causing any kind of content duplication issues between collections such as BRAND & PRODUCT TYPE.


Our technically advanced, premium Shopify theme is multi-purpose and can be used for any sector such as fashion, home and furniture, printing, technology, sports & leisure, and jewelry and accessories. No frills, no gimmicks just an ‘off the shelf’ ‘enterprise level’ solution for Shopify merchants that will allow you to compete with the very best of e-commerce platforms in the search engines.


Our themes are more than just a theme, they are a solution and service, included in the price. We will help you maximize the organic performance of your Shopify store for NO extra charge. These are the only themes in the world with AAP® product filter technology. Every theme that comes with one of our ‘exclusive’ programs entitles you to:


  • UNLIMITED FREE Shopify Trial Period
  • FREE Theme Upgrades
  • FREE Lifetime Facebook Group Support
  • FREE Theme Installation [if required]
  • AAP® Filter Tech Consultancy
  • AAP® Filter Tech Planning
  • AAP® Filter Tech Installation & Configuration
  • AAP® Filter Tech Testing

No other themes in the world have this technology and no other company in the world offers this kind of service. Here are some of our key SEO features which is why our themes are the best Shopify themes for SEO.


What’s so frustrating is that all of the reviews in the search engines on ‘what is the best Shopify theme’ are not based on subjective technical or performance-related research, they are based on looks and functionality. What most people don’t realize, is that all theme reviews out there are written for affiliate commissions only, not based on actual scientific research on what is the best Shopify theme?

 Advanced SEO Features

  • ***AAP® Technology*** – AAP stands for algorithm aligned platform. This theme has algorithm aligned, optimized code for all devices ensuring maximum performance on all versions of the search engines for desktop and mobile search.

  • Responsive Tech – This theme has 2 development sections for both desktop and mobile customizations.
    This ensures the theme UX can be optimized for all devices no matter what mobile, desktop or tablet device you are accessing the internet from.

  • 580ms Page Load – With Shopify OS 2.0 and our optimized HTML5, CSS and JavaScript files, this will be fastest Shopify theme on the market by far. Our themes have always had a page load under one second, but this will be our fastest theme ever.
  • 9+ Presets – 1 theme, 9+ ‘done for you’ pre-sets for every Shopify industry classification. You will be able to choose 1 of 9+ fully optimized versions of our theme from our private theme store. All you’ll have to do is add a few images.

  • ***AAP® SEO Product Filters*** – Maximise your exposure in the search engines by unleashing 100’s if not 1000’s more fully optimized, high converting landing pages in the search engines that typically increase organic visibility by 1900% (50 collections x 20 filters). Upgrade costs apply.

  • Optimized Canonical Programming– With our optimized canonical programming technology, we are able to eliminate any content and metadata duplication penalties across your whole site. Shopify is renowned for mass duplications – our theme fixes each and every single one of them. 

  • Advanced Structured Data Mark-Up – Google Search works hard to understand the content of a page. No programming or apps required, all our themes come with advanced structure data mark-up to enrich your stores content in the search engines and when displaying your content across social media platforms.

  • Open Graph & Twitter Card Mark Up – Open Graph & Twitter Cards markup are protocols that allows you to control and manage the data that is displayed when a URL is shared on a social network such as Facebook. Ensuring the right content and information is shared is essential for your social channels.
  • Collection Page Content – Most themes in the theme store focus on design, not how well your store will perform in the search engines when it goes live. Ours do. Each collection page has content sections pull though as standard which are a basic necessity for SEO and for helping your collection pages rank in the search engines.

  • Banner Typography Overlays – Keyword rich text on banners that are crawlable by Google allow you to pass link equity from one page to another helping specific pages rank higher for chosen keywords. All of our themes have this ability on dynamic banners and overlays.
  • Lazyload Images – Introducing Lazyload, equipped into the backend of theme through all imagery, decreasing contextual paint and faster loading images for a faster store. This is featured throughout all areas of our themes where images are involved, making them load faster and quicker.
  • Page Template Optimization – Minified and out the way. All our code has been recoded and minified, so for easier management and faster loading times. Our key goals is to improve load speed on all page template types. The checkout, for example, now loads twice as fast as it did previously.

Here are some of the 50+ advanced SEO and conversion-boosting features of our Shopify fashion theme that makes it head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to performance in the search engines. Save over $3000 per year on SEO tools from the app store. With a host of free bonuses and free lifetime upgrades and support, you’ll never need to buy another theme again.


Dynamic Grid Customizer - Best SEO Theme

Featured Transitional Slider
Promote your brand, products or seasonal collections with our customizable featured slider with transitional settings and multi-choice typography overlays [good for SEO] and multiple CTA button style choices.

Top Header Customizer

Highly customizable top header and navigational layout settings to create unlimited different top header styles.


Best SEO Theme - Header Option Customizer


Most themes won’t allow you to do this but we have created perhaps the most customizable theme ever to cater for all kinds of styles and designs in just one advanced theme.


Customizable Header Section

Fully customizable navigation menu settings. Create multiple styles, layouts, and configurations. Our theme allows you to combine multiple navigation menu types.


Mega menus with images

Create stylish mega menus with imagery to promote your brands, collections, and product types. Place an image in one or two different sections of the mega menu.


Best SEO Theme - Mega Menu Customizer


Dropdown Menu Option

Create standard drop-down menus for your header section. These menus can sit alongside mega menus or they can stand alone on the navigation menu


Banner Grid Sections

Create unlimited homepage layouts with highly customizable banner grid blocks with customizable fonts and typography settings as well as choosing from three different styles of CTA buttons; original, alternative or underlined.


Best SEO Theme - Banner Grid Customizer


Again, the highly customizable text overlays are perfect for SEO and internal linking. Pixel height and widths can be controlled as well as the column widths so your grid layout designs are literally endless, for block or masonry wire-frame layouts.


USP Icons

Convey your store’s unique selling points with configurable service icons. Choose from the full range of Font Awesome Pro icon set to communicate your brand message. Three different size settings to choose from so there is no need for CSS skills.


Best SEO Theme - USPs Services Customizer 


Featured Products Grid

Promote any number of products anywhere on the homepage with our featured products grids. Change the numbers or create multiple rows of products by creating a custom ‘featured products’ collection and then by linking to it from the homepage. Create as many products as you like.


Best SEO Theme Products Grid


Blog Post Grid

The blog post feature grid allows you to promote your blog’s content to help drive more content to your blog which will help your SEO. Choose how many blog posts you’d like to display and which content. 



Best SEO Theme Blog Post Grid


Newsletter Integration

Choose either a full-width newsletter call to action or a smaller version for the footer section and customize all content within it to help build your store’s list to help with promotional and marketing strategies.


Custom Footer Menus

Providing shoppers with as much information about your store as possible is essential for improving conversions which is why we’ve built a customizable footer section so that you can create extremely useful links to the style guide, delivery information, terms, and conditions, returns policy, login, register, track my orders, etc.


Footer Columns Customizer - Best SEO Theme


Choose the number of columns you wish to display and the number of pages you wish to link to by creating custom menus.


Collection Page SEO Content Section

Most theme developers don’t include a section for content on a collection page, crazy!

It’s essential for ‘on-page’ optimization and helping your store’s collection pages to rank in the search engines to help drive more traffic and sales.


Product Filters

Fashion stores need lots of filters. Our standard product filters allow you to create up to 8 product filters to appear in the sidebar. With clothing, you’d typically expect to see filters by brand, product type, color, size, price, and material, etc. so we’ve created the ability to add them as standard. We’ve also ensured that these product filter pages ‘canonical’ back to the root collection, eliminating duplicate content and metadata penalties from Google.


AAP® Product Filters
If you’re serious about supercharging your organic performance and revenue then you must seriously consider upgrading to AAP®.  This technology for Shopify is the first of kind anywhere in the world. It allows you to create 1000’s and 1000’s of additional product filter pages that are optimized and will rank in the search engines.


Sort by Filters

Sort by filters allows shoppers to filter collection page products by:


  • Featured
  • Price: Low to High
  • Price: High to Low
  • A to Z
  • Z to A
  • Oldest to Newest
  • Newest to Oldest


These are ideal for user experience and help shoppers find whatever type of specific product they are looking for and at what price.


Product Hover States

Our product hover states are great for user experience and conversions. They quickly allow users to click either ‘view’ or ‘add to cart’ with a simple click of the mouse on hover. A notification pop-up informs users that the item has been added to the cart.


Customizable Product Tabs

Displaying the right information at the right time to shoppers at various stages of the purchasing cycle is crucial for maximizing conversions. Our customizable product tabs are perfect for doing just that. Product Description and Product Reviews tabs are hardcoded and then there’s the ability to add other ‘sitewide’ product tabs for things like delivery information and sized guides.


Integrated Product Reviews

We have included Shopify’s free product reviews app in the theme which means that all you need to do to add Shopify’s free product review app and this feature will work on your store, eliminating the need for editing and updating theme file code.


Item In/Out of Stock Indicator

When a product is either in or out of stock, this field on the product page will automatically update informing the shopper if the product is available or not.



Related Products

Similar or related products will appear at the bottom of each product page to help with cross-selling and upselling.


Integrated Social Sharing Icons

No additional coding is required. Allow shoppers to share your products on their social media accounts with the click of a mouse.  No need for expensive, heavy-duty 3rd party social sharing apps that slow your site down.



If you want to attract links to your store, you need to publish great content. This is essential for improving your organic rankings.


Best Theme for SEO Blog Page


We’ve styled the blog landing pages with a modern, crisp layout that suits fashion and clothing. Again, social sharing comes integrated with the theme and there’s even a customizable sidebar that allows you to configure which posts, menus, or links you wish to appear.


As you can see from the features and functionality above as well as the advanced SEO features included as standard, it will be hard to find another Shopify theme on the internet that would compete. With a lifetime of free theme version upgrades, there really is no need to shop elsewhere and this is why we think that this really is, the best Shopify theme for SEO, fashion, clothing, jewelry, furniture, technology, sports, and printing on the market. Our theme is only available through one of our exclusive Shopify Growth programs. 


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