13 Best Email Marketing Apps For Shopify

It is essential for any online retailer not only to attract customers but to retain and increase sales to existing ones and increase the lifetime value of all customers. Over the last few years, I have seen the email marketing channel become one of the largest and most profitable channels for conversions in e-commerce.

A segmented and well-targeted email list and strategy enables you to do both in an intelligent and informed way. Modern email marketing packages analyze your customers’ shopping habits, reveal what works best on your website, show you your most successful strategies and regain and re-engage your customers. So let’s take a look at email marketing apps there are for Shopify out there.

Klaviyo Email Marketing App For Shopify

My agency is an official Klaviyo Partner and its e-commerce automation platform for email (and now SMS) is genuinely the undisputed world champion when it comes to email marketing apps for Shopify.

It is noted for its integration with shopping platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. Like other email marketing software, they offer segmentation tools based on customers’ online shopping behaviors.

They offer web tracking of activity and let you know what your customers are up to. Their segmentation tools produce highly targeted and precise marketing campaigns.

Klaviyo’s USP is its ability to really work with rich datasets to give an accurate and precise picture of your existing and potential markets at any given moment.

Pricing plans range from $20 a month for 500 subscribers to $150 a month for up to 10,000 subscribers.

Shopify reviews: 4.4/791

2 – ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing App For Shopify
ActiveCampaign Email Marketing App For Shopify

ActiveCampaign is a platform-based package with a wider CRM and sales module. They promote themselves as getting the ‘right emails get in front of the right people through the use of broadcast and trigger emails. These precisely timed emails activate when the software believes the customer is most interested.

ActiveCampaign uses analytical tools to send email autoresponders and previously scheduled emails. This software is offering a wider sales and marketing approach and is not simply focused on email and newsletter functionality.

Their USP is to ‘save time while growing your business. Pricing plans range from lite which is $15 a month to $229 a month for the enterprise package, which includes the CRM and sales software. They offer a 20% discount for non-profit organizations and an annual reduction of 40% if you pay upfront for 12 months of service. Being a relatively new product on Shopify, there are currently no reviews.

3 – AWeber 

AWeber is an affordable and easy-to-use package that includes email newsletters, a drag-and-drop editor, and automated email tagging which triggers emails based on customer habits. It includes a comprehensive analytics tool and site data analysis so that you can see the strengths or weaknesses of any new and ongoing email campaigns.

Key benefits are ease of use, extensive web fonts, and comprehensive IT support. AWeber’s USP really is their customer service which is something they take incredibly seriously.

Pricing plans range from $19 a month for 0-500 subscribers to $149 a month for up to 25000 subscribers. They offer a 25% discount for students and a 25% discount with 3 months free for non-profit organizations who also get the first 3 months free.

Shopify reviews: 4.7/38

4 – Omnisend

Omnisend prides itself on its integration with other technologies and is heavily geared toward social media. Campaigns can be run via SMS, WhatsApp, FB messenger and tailored to suit the chosen media with the help of push notifications.

Your potential and existing customer base can be segmented according to their shopping habits paying particular attention to those who browse and then abandon the cart.

Omnisend pride itself on its statistics, analytical data, advanced automation, and targeted marketing campaigns.

Their USP is their ability to offer additional features, such as resending newsletters and re-engaging customers through the use of discounts and ‘call-to action’ campaigns.

Pricing plans range from FREE to $59/mo with email and SMS, they offer a fabulous migration service worth $1000 and offer great savings for annual purchases.

Shopify reviews: 4.8/3340 

5 – GetResponse

GetResponse is an email-driven package heavily focused on the design aspects of email marketing. They include easy design tools with a newsletter, autoresponder, automated email, and segmented emails timed to respond to user actions and activities.

They also offer a blog-to-email function through the use of RSS functionality, enabling you to link your blogs with your email marketing campaigns. Benefits include being able to work with several customers on several campaigns simultaneously.

Their USP according to their own site is that they are the, ‘easiest email marketing platform’ to use.

Pricing plans range from $15 a month for less than 1000 subscribers to $1199 a month for more than 100,000 subscribers. They also offer an incentive of an 18% reduction for an annual payment and a 30% discount if you pay two years upfront.

As this looks to be a new product, there are no reviews on Shopify at present.

6 – Sendinblue

Sendinblue CRM and email marketing software really promote their customer capturing and segmentation abilities by ‘sending the right email to the right customers at just the right time’. As with some other email marketing software, they offer SMS marketing and email marketing integration alongside a wider CRM system.

A customer can be redirected from your email or SMS notification to a specific landing page created with their shopping preferences and can be media linked, such as to a Facebook ad or signup form.

It’s all about capturing data and expanding the customer base. Benefits include integrated marketing automation, personalized workflows and ‘send in time’ optimization based on algorithms. They pride themselves on their intelligent workflow tools and SMS automation.
Pricing plans range from £15 a month for the ‘lite’ package to £39 a month for the premium. They offer a 10% reduction for annual payers.

Shopify reviews: 2.5/14


7 – Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a web-based email marketing system that offers direct and regular customer contact and newsletter creation software. The editing tools and market segmentation abilities are gained from the customer clicks in an email.

This intelligent segmentation method is then applied to future email or newsletter correspondence and those who don’t open will be sent another. This is a more intimate customer contact model geared towards building customer loyalty and trust.

The benefits of this strategy include brand building, sales-boosting, and in-depth analytical tools. Their USP is to open up modern marketing techniques to all businesses.

Pricing plans range from £15 a month for email only to £30 a month for the email plus package. They also offer a 20% discount for the first 3 months with a given promo code. Annual payers also enjoy a 20% discount.

Shopify reviews: 3.9/16


8 – Privy

Privy works in conjunction with Shopify and focuses heavily upon its market-driven capabilities with specifically timed welcome and exit messages, popups alerting customers to discounts, and targeted campaigns. Privy analyses ‘cart abandonment’ and has techniques for encouraging people to return to finish their shop.

This software is very much focused on customer shopping experiences rather than more generalized customer contact and communication.

Emails are easy to create with drag-and-drop functionality and are aimed at small business owners with Shopify-integrated reporting.

Benefits include the encouragement of repeat sales and customer retention.
Pricing plans range from free for those with less than 5000 subscribers and then for businesses with higher numbers, prices start at $20 a month.

Shopify reviews: 4.6/23617 


9 – CM Commerce

CM Commerce works alongside Shopify and bases its email timings on customer shopping activities. Segmentation tools include email marketing features and ‘improved customer conversations’ which aim to create a closer relationship.

Any abandoned carts trigger an email to bring the customer back. Specifically timed incentives include alerting the customer to the latest product offers and discounts. Templates are tailored to customer behaviors and emails are triggered to reward loyal customers in a bid to encourage repeat purchases.

CM Commerce also offers visual product reviews for customers to upload their own photos onto the retail website and in linked emails.

Benefits include being able to reach out to a wider audience at the right moment. Their USP is to focus on conversion rates and brand awareness which can be gained from highly targeted and clever marketing.

Pricing plans range from $9 for up to 500 people to $49 for unlimited emails which increases with add-on options. They do offer discounts and incentives for paying annually but request that you contact them directly for this.

Shopify reviews: 4.8/985


10 – Spently

Spently works in conjunction with Shopify to produce precisely targeted emails with specific branding and personalized content. The emails are created to suit the specific market sector and analytical tools enable you to see the results. Spently works within the Shopify site and uses the data provided by Shopify to create marketing content.

Their USP is that they work within Shopify and so their emails are highly targeted and specific to recent shopping activities.

Pricing plans range from free for up to 500 people and then $99.99 for up to 500 orders. After this it’s $399.99 for up to 5000 monthly orders. They indicate that Spently offers simple pricing that scales with your business and uses a process of discounts and referral codes.

Numbers and ratings: 4.8/432

11 – Smartrmail

SmartrMail works within Shopify and offers an easy way to send emails directly to customers to generate sales. Emails can be configured with your own branding and product images and descriptions with any direct links to emails already sent.

SmartrMail make no apology for the fact that the software only works with customers with online shops and in fact see this as one of their key benefits. Being so highly targeted towards online shopping makes them specialists in their field.

SmartrMail have reported increased sales for those online retailers who have adopted the software and their USP is their ability to generate emails based specifically upon the purchasing habits of your customers.

Pricing plans range from $29 a month for the basic package to $99 a month for the advanced package. Discounts can be gained via a coupon and there is an annual fee of $99.

Shopify reviews: 4.7/178

12 – Jilt

Jilt is an email marketing platform based specifically around online retail spaces such as Shopify. It uses standard tools and automated email campaign incentives to bring back lapsed customers and encourage product reviews and customer loyalty.

Jilt focuses on customer shopping habits and feedback which is tailored toward speed and efficiency. With no difficult setup or configuration, it’s easy to get quickly up and running with professional-looking emails.

Their USP is to persuade customers with abandoned shopping carts to return and complete their transactions.

Pricing plans range from $29 a month depending on subscribers and they ask that you contact them if you want more than they offer in this package.

Shopify reviews: 4.8/622

13.0 Mailerlite

MailerLite is an app designed specifically for Shopify and offers additional features such as the mailer lite app and newsletter facility. This additional feature for Shopify uses existing product descriptions to embed into a newsletter to make it more tailored and personalized for your online shoppers.

MailerLite offers analytical tools, data sync, and sales tracking facilities to enable retailers to see the benefits of their campaigns.

They offer additional integration options and intelligent pop-ups and landing pages with their USP being that you can create professional-looking emails in minutes.

Pricing plans range from free for up to 1000 subscribers, $15 for 1500 contacts or $75 for 15,000+ with an annual discount of 30%.

Shopify reviews: 3.0/51


Our recommendation for the best email marketing app to use is Klaviyo. It is the email marketing tool that we use as we found it to have more functionality than other email marketing tools and was best aligned with what we wanted to achieve.

All the email marketing apps in this list will help you to grow your business through email marketing and will prove a vital tool in increasing your sales.

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