An Insider’s Guide to Driving Conversions Through SEO Copywriting

An insider’s guide to driving conversions through SEO copywriting

Successful on-brand content writing is reliant on striking the ideal balance between being fully SEO friendly and appealing directly to your target audience. Keeping both your visitors and search engines happy can be tricky, but putting in the work here will help you to drive more conversions in both the short and the long term.

Branding and SEO copywriting

With increasing numbers of consumers wanting to develop a meaningful connection with the businesses they choose to engage with and purchase from, it is now more important than ever to build a strong brand that establishes your business as an authority within your niche and is easy for your audience to trust. Driving traffic to your website and sharing a variety of articles across your social media feeds simply isn’t enough anymore, and building a genuine connection with your audience is imperative.

The best SEO content marketing looks beyond peppering well-written articles with keywords and calling it a day. Instead, it implements important SEO techniques, whilst also speaking to audiences in ways that will encourage them to convert.

Developing your brand message

Identifying what makes you different from your competition and understanding how to effectively communicate this to your audience will ultimately help you to shape your digital presence into an effective business tool. As generic or obscure technical jargon simply won’t mean much to your average visitor, you must focus on capturing the core essence and values of your business. Whether you refuse to cut corners or provide products made from organic and locally sourced ingredients, make sure that your copy communicates your USP clearly, to attract an audience that is receptive to your message and business practices.

When developing your brand message, you should consistently keep a profile of your ideal customer or client at the forefront of your mind. Doing so will help you to establish how to communicate the value your products or services will bring to the lives of your customers and define the tone your communications should adopt. Don’t be afraid to dig deep here. Your prospective customers will be looking for detail, so don’t gloss over anything with vague statements.

The testing process

The most effective SEO copy is never written in an afternoon and then published, never to be looked over again. There are a variety of ways to test copy, but the simplest way is via A/B testing.

For example, to explore the effectiveness of a post title, you would promote two (or more) different versions and examine your analytics to see which performed the best. The information you learn from this process will be invaluable, because you will begin to understand which tones, styles and structures resonate well with your audience.

If your schedule simply doesn’t allow for a period of A/B testing, it is always possible to make small adjustments over time. Consistently assessing the performance of your content will help you to identify weaknesses and ensure that you are always maximising the potential of your digital profile.
Your content is a prime opportunity to engage with your audience and it is crucial not to waste it. Integrating your brand message into everything you publish will help you to directly address the needs of your audience, form meaningful connections, and build trust.

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