Kristin Mark

Kristin Mark is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, agency owner, CEO, and business consultant who established his business back in 2010 and has helped over 1000 entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses and has been responsible for $10M’s of sales revenue growth. Recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on Shopify SEO and organic growth, Kristin has built a multiple 7-figure business from scratch by transitioning his international agency online through his websites, his unique high-ticket client-acquisition model, and his world-exclusive technologies and systems. As seen and featured in…



The world’s most algorithm-aligned Shopify OS 2.0 theme for SEO & Conversions, used and by some of the world’s biggest brands and many 7 & 8 figure retailers. It is 1 x theme & 9 high-end, professionally designed pre-sets, algorithm, optimized code for all devices, a page load speed of just 580ms, over 90 SEO & conversion boosting features that will save you over $3K per year on apps and, is the ONLY theme in the world with AAP® SEO Product Filters.

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Organic Masterclass

A multi-award winning, 12-step Organic Growth Blueprint that will help your turbocharge your rankings, traffic and organic conversions. This is the EXCAT same process that we use for our 7 & 8-figure retainer clients that is adding 6-figures to their e-commerce businesses in just a few short months.

World's #1 Organic Growth System

ULTIMATE Retail Growth

Want us to build you a higher ranking, high converting Shopify store in just 2 weeks using our world-exclusive Shopify tech and then, have us execute the same multi-award-winning growth strategies that are adding 5, 6 and 7-figure growth to our clients ecommerce businesses within months?

Multiple 7-Figure Agency Growth System

7-Figure Retainers

I’m looking for 6 dream case study clients who want me and my team to personally work with them, ‘hands-on’ to help them implement the EXACT same MULTI-AWARD-WINNING, Multiple 7-Figure, ‘Agency Growth System’ into their business, the EXACT same growth system that took my own agency from $253K to $2,105,000 in just 12 months…