About Kristin Mark

Kristin Mark is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, agency owner, coach, consultant, and business owner who established his first business back in 2006 and his first agency back in 2010.

Since then he has personally helped over 1000 entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses and has been responsible for tens of millions of dollars of sales growth on almost every platform, every channel, and sector you can think of. 

Recognized as a leading authority in SEO and organic growth, Kristin has built a multiple 7-figure agency from scratch helping businesses scale organically with his world-exclusive Shopify OS 2.0 technologies, training, coaching, consultancy, and support.

Most recently, Kristin is leading the field with business growth strategies that leverage the power of AI into his already proven strategies, frameworks, blueprints, and technologies with his flagship ULTIMATE Retail Growth® 2.0 premium Shopify growth optimization service and his organic-centric, AI-driven, all-channel coaching program called Ultimate Retail Pro®

A Google Partner, A Meta Partner, A Klaviyo Partner, A Shopify Partner, and a pioneering SEO expert.