9 Best Shopify Ecommerce Design Themes For 2022

9 Best Shopify Ecommerce Design Themes For 2022. Kristin Mark Digital has created a wide range of Shopify template options under the name RankHigherTheme®, which not only do just that but also provide an exceptional user experience. There are 9 themes in all, designed by the world’s leading authority on Shopify SEO and conversions. Every theme has its own distinctive character but all are suitable for virtually any business sector, product, or service.

Our themes are flexible, customizable, and ready to use straight off the shelf. Not only that, but now that over 70% of all ecommerce sales are conducted on mobile devices, we have prioritized responsive design that makes them fully mobile-friendly.

The best Shopify ecommerce design themes for 2022 are those which build on current trends and adhere to popular aesthetics but offer the most versatile of modern theme editors. In this way, a business owner with no knowledge of coding can set up, edit and customize their site using intuitive drop-and-drag functions alongside many other simple tools.

At Kristin Mark Digital we believe in putting power into the hands of website owners. And we don’t think it should cost the earth, which is why our themes are extremely competitively priced. With RankHigherTheme® you get enterprise-level performance at a fraction of the cost. There’s nothing to stop you from engaging a designer to work with our themes but equally, there is no need to do so. Our aim is to make things simple and highly effective. If you’re looking for a responsive, easily customizable, great looking theme for your ecommerce storefront, here’s a quick overview of our best Shopify ecommerce design themes for 2022.


With its pure white background, its clean-lined black Roboto sans serif font and discreet but effective scrolling feature, Xclusive is a beautifully uncluttered storefront. The full-width banner – or ‘hero’ – image gives a generous introduction and the image blocks arranged below in descending size allow you to focus on the key product lines without losing emphasis on others. The blog links are positioned at the bottom of the home page, very clearly identifiable, while the blog page itself is big, bold and simple to navigate. The search box and currency function are prominent while the drop-down menu covers the entire page width, meaning it is highly readable and without distraction. Special offers are prominent and self-explanatory. The whole experience is very welcoming and the style is ideal for the smart professional customer.


This theme is heavy on images, which gives it a sense of energy that works well for the casual, younger, streetwise consumer. The hero image is constructed from two borderless images which meet each other without any dividing space and bleed to the edges of the page. The image blocks at the bottom of the page function in the same way. This gives a sense of edginess and urgency without overwhelming the primary function of the site as an easily navigable storefront. The Montserrat sans serif font is clear and simple without being too conventional. A ‘Latest News’ section enables generous images and substantial text samples. A great choice for a fashion store and an ideal Shopify template for the 18-30 demographic. View Bleek.


The received wisdom in website design is that black out of white is more user friendly than white out of black, but a theme like Cyclone shows how you can combine both for maximum impact. The black header with white custom font sets a serious tone which is amplified by the hero image, also set to black by default and offering the facility for a striking tag line and a video. The black boxes and blacked out image sections are underscored by the contrasting white menu and sub-headings. Sans serif is always better for readability and here it works very well in the unusual medium contrast Fjalla One font. Cyclone is ideal for sporting and leisure goods as well as high-tech consumer products.


As the name suggests, this theme is great for the younger market. It has been designed to appeal to kids but without being childish or patronising and it won’t alienate parents. Its smart, clean design and bold image boxes give it a mature feeling while maintaining an appeal that is clearly aimed at the younger consumer. It shares many of the virtues of Xclusive but with some significant adjustments to its different demographic, such as the Muli minimalist sans serif font which works equally well as a display font and for text. Great for savvy, style-conscious tweenies and their parents. View Kidology.


This theme foregrounds maximum impact with a huge hero image to make the most of your photographic resources. It also has a slideshow option. The header is slim and understated but the menu items are present in neat block capitals, using Libre Franklin font, which is a modern interpretation of the 1912 classic by Morris Fuller Benton. The page layout is simple but effective, with square blocks of image and text alternating to make the sections easily navigable. There is no search box but it is easy to direct visitors to the various product category pages. View Affiniti.


For sellers of luxury items, Inigma combines excellent functionality with an easy stylishness and an emphasis on visuals. The hero image allows you to lead with a striking graphic or photo and contains easy buttons for browsing and buying, both above the fold. The white background is ideal as a discreet bed for product display and the product pages themselves allow multiple views of each item plus a zoom function. The Cabin font is a humanist sans serif with a hint of modernism based on classic styles of the 1930s and works well for headers and texts.


Deceptively formal, Moderna actually adopts a classic white background and image blocks but introduces a very cleverly designed asymmetry that takes the eye on an unusual journey through the product images. The hero image is dominant and features a prominent ‘shop now’ button while the rest of the homepage is given over to generous product category links. The category pages give you the facility to use two images per product, automatically switched by hovering and an extensive list of filters to the left. Its Karla sans serif font, a fairly recent creation, is clean and easy on the eye.


For many brands, a contemporary look doesn’t necessarily capture the personality of their business. Certain products have a legacy quality that is very important to convey in their storefront. Alteir was designed with this in mind and while maintaining the easy usability and emphatic visuals of sites with a more minimalist design, the theme gently suggests a sense of heritage. This is done with a very light touch, largely in the choice of Source Serif 4 as the banner, header and title font, with Lato sans serif doing the rest of the work. The product category pages enable dual images and the product filter function is easy to use. Ideal for brands that need to emphasize tradition, craftsmanship and longevity but wish to appeal to a clued-up contemporary demographic.


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Ideal for luxury goods, this theme uses light colored text on richly toned dark backgrounds with a very large hero image slideshow bearing a striking tagline field. Images are superimposed on a part-shaded background which can set the tone for the entire site. The search box is prominently placed below the header in the center of the screen and the menu is kept small but very visible. This design really comes alive with high-quality photographs. Its product pages allow multiple images, essential information, filters, buying options and a very smooth transaction sequence. The sans serif Robot font, created by Google in 2011, is a perfect mix of function and aesthetic. View Brewhouse.

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